Wednesday, October 09, 2013

"Noble Prince Rahul" vs "Evil Middle Class"

Congress mouthpiece Manu Joseph pretends that the "evil middle class" wants to foil righteous crown prince Rahul Gandhi's plans to "rescue" the poor:

All over the world, it's the middle class who are known to be the bedrock of democracy and the primary force in obtaining accountability from govt. But inside the fairytale bubble inhabited by hardline lefties like Joseph, "middle class" is a dirty word that equates to bourgeois. Joseph doesn't question why the Congress suddenly tabled the Food Security Bill right before the elections, even while it's ignored the poor for the bulk of its tenure.

For Manu, it's inconceivable that economic growth from free market reforms could provide a real ladder up for the poor, as it has done in other economies again and again. Instead, Joseph posits that upward mobility is something that can only be bestowed from above by "elites" (the middle class being inextricably part and parcel of these "elites"). Progress through earning and merit are inconceivable in his twisted worldview.

Once again, we see the ugly writ of the Congress Party's strategy to corral the vulnerable rural poor into helping the regime ride out the overwhelming disenchantment of urban voters. Does the opposition really have a strategy to effectively counteract this?

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