Sunday, October 06, 2013

Navraatri, 2013

Navraatri greetings to one and all!!! May Adi Shakti Jagadamba Maa Durga inculcate the dormant valour and patriotism of
1 billion Hindus, energize the docile masses with Her Shakti to rise up against evil and oppression, annihilate the enemies of the nation and establish Hindu freedom (Swarajya). The 9 days of Navraatri are a time to break the
chains of Hindu enslavement - enslavement by corruption, "secularism", lethargy, anti-national terrorism etc.

Navraatri is not *just* a time to indulge in purely secular activities like Garba, Daandiya etc. These events also attract many people who care two hoots for the religion and culture, including "love" & lust Jihadis - for purely entertainment value.

The occasion has a religious significance, namely the victory of truth over evil by arms - that is particularly relevant in these times, when the Hindu civilization is confronted with an existential threat; hence should not be forgotten.

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