Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Sycophant Spins and Weaves

Minister for Sycophancy and Spin, Jairam Ramesh insists that Congress is correct in all things:

Let the sycophants bring Rahul forth. Their addiction to riding the coattails of the dynasty and its royal heirs will only hasten their collective demise. Not sure why Thapar is suddenly feigning a backbone by sparring with Ramesh. I guess all the rats are distancing themselves from the Congress Party's sinking ship of state.

Also hinted at is the Congress Party's main electoral tentpole strategy of courting the larger rural vote in order to overcome the overwhelmingly disenchanted urban vote. Divide-and-rule is the usual fallback for the Left, and the Congress Party is no exception. Is the BJP prepared to win the rural battle, or will they be blindsided by the Congress Machiavellians?

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