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Fwd: India losing land to China since ’09: Ex-IB official Assam Tribune report

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India losing land to China since '09: Ex-IB official Assam Tribune report
R Dutta Choudhury
GUWAHATI, Oct 6 – India is losing substantial portions of land to China since 2009 but the Government of India, for reasons best known to it, has been misleading its own citizens about it, said former Special Director of the Intelligence Bureau (IB), RN Ravi. He also said that countries like Japan, Philippines and Vietnam make a hue and cry whenever transgressions by China take place, but by denying the reports of Chinese transgressions along the border, India is only helping the cause of the Chinese.

Talking to The Assam Tribune, Ravi admitted that the transgressions by the Chinese both in the Ladakh area and in Arunachal Pradesh should be taken seriously and denial of the reports of the transgressions would not help India's cause in any way.

The former IB official pointed out that after the 1962 war, China was keeping a low profile along the international border for a long time, but became aggressive again in 2009. He revealed that the Tibetans in exile started becoming more active in their anti-China posture since the Beijing Olympic games in 2008 and "perhaps China suspects India's hand in the sudden spurt of activities of the Tibetans in exile, most of whom are in India. That is why, China started becoming more and more aggressive along the border with India since 2009."

Commenting on the threat to the North East, Ravi said that India has stopped patrolling by the security forces to the India-China-Myanmar tri-juncture to avoid confrontation with the Chinese and by doing so, India has already lost hold over a substantial portion of land. China is trying to stake claim over the Tatu Bowl, the place where the Dicho river, which originates in Myanmar, meets the Lohit river, by sending out patrol parties well inside India. China has already started constructing a new road along the Dicho river and if the Chinese plan succeeds, the tri-juncture would come down to eight kilometres south of the original point. Earlier, the Indian Army patrols used to go along the Dicho river to the tri-juncture, but the Government of India stopped such patrols to avoid any confrontation.

If the Chinese manage to take over the Tatu Bowl area, they would be able to come to the plains within a short time.

Ravi pointed out that in 2009, the Chinese asked the militants of the North East to come to a common platform to receive help from that country, following which, the chief of the NSCN (K), SS Khaplang has virtually turned the Taga area into a common headquarter of the major militant groups of the region.

Commenting on the Chinese activities along the Ladakh area, Ravi revealed that China is facing problems in the Xinjiang province as some groups have started struggle to liberate the area and name that as East Turkistan. As the area is close to the Karakoram range, China started coming well inside Indian territory in the area to ensure that the militants do not get any help from any Indian group. Moreover, in recent times, China came 20 to 30 kilometers inside India in that area. The Government should take up the matter very seriously as there is every possibility of the Chinese cutting off the supply lines from Leh to the Karakoram pass, Ravi pointed out

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