Saturday, February 28, 2009

kkkangress almost gave away kashmir in 2007

feb 28th, 2009

the relevant portion:

"Under the plan, the Kashmir conflict would have been resolved through the creation of an autonomous region in which local residents could move freely and conduct trade on both sides of the territorial boundary. Over time, the border would become irrelevant, and declining violence would allow a gradual withdrawal of tens of thousands of troops that now face one another across the region's mountain passes."

in other words, taliban would be free to move into jammu and kashmir, and then fan out into the rest of india as "kashmiris". "kashmiri emporia" would blossom everywhere, much like the "churches" being planted everywhere. indian troops would move out of j&k, and pakistani troops woud move in. lo and behold, pakistan gets everything it wanted, and india would be left holding the can again.

amazing that the kkkangress did not manage to ramrod it through. that fat bengali communist speaker would have bullied everyone in parliament who opposed it, screaming "off with his head" and citing them for "contempt of fat-bengali-communist-speaker".

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