Saturday, February 28, 2009

darn hindus, buddhists, jews and atheists skewing the idiocy indices. yet again.

feb 28th, 2009

shame on them. we yanks would be so much more true semites if it weren't for these people! true beliefs in the one true god. which one true god, did you say? oh, is that yhwh or jesus or allah? uh, never mind.

ah yes, bobby "exorcist" jindal. he's even worse an idiot than i thought. but i guess he looks like a genius compared to the bubbas.

oh, i do just love this chart. thanks, pew guys.


blogger said...

Nice, if it wasn't for us non-believers who don't believe in their fairy tales, their mythology based index would have done well.

Please read "Hindus & Jews are like two sides of same coin", a final report from Hindu-Jewish summit.

AGworld said...

If you think this one is a good chart, try this one from Atanu's site

Its even better! The stalwarts of secularism and 'progressivity' somehow score quite poorly here... i wonder why!