Thursday, January 31, 2008

why are we not surprised?: St Stephen's College row: Thampu's appointment illegal

jan 31st, 2008

(kapidhwaja, sorry am posting this repeating your post. this got stuck in my outbox.)

yet another fraudulent christist. it comes naturally to them after all the hoaxes they absorb as though with mother's milk.

i wonder why that prize patsy/catspaw swami agnivesh has nothing to say about his erstwhile pal showing himself to be a worthy godman, lying and cheating.

lo, jesus christ would be merciful (if only he actually existed). see how thampu and pals have kindly created yet another 'miracle' in support of jesus' magical powers? i wonder when ratzy will give thampu a fast-track 'beatification' considering that the PhD appeared in the mail in the nick of time. a true miracle, indeed! thomas, he of the two skeletons, should be jealous.

i love the degree in theology from an agricultural college. what, valson thampu has extended the christist padre practice of buggering children to buggering farmyard animals? lo, that would be truly miraculous, and would save the church lots of money as these animals cannot talk.

quick, ratzy, get thampu a job at the vatican (although he may, like tommasso of the wide stance, get himself into trouble too).

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St Stephen's College row: Thampu's appointment illegal
Parikshit Luthra / CNN-IBN

Published on Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 23:23, Updated at Thu, Jan 31, 2008 in Nation section

DU ROW: Delhi University has declared Thampu's appointment illegal in an affidavit.

New Delhi: Delhi University has more than its fair share of controversies and the latest one is over the appointment of Reverend Valsan Thampu as OSD of St Stephen's College for it is now becoming increasingly clear that Thampu's appointment is illegal on all counts.

Valson Thampu has been in the news ever since he took over as OSD on the May 9, 2007.

The legality of Valsan Thampu's appointment as Officer on Special Duty at St Stephen's college in Delhi was questioned right from the first day.

However, a can of worms opened up soon after a petition was filed in the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions.

In an affidavit before the Commission, the Delhi University declared Thampu's appointment as illegal.

"University ordinances seek PhD degree. The qualifications of OSD should be the same as that are for the principal," said Delhi University's Vice-Chancellor, Deepak Pental.

In order to authenticate his appointment and become eligible for the post of principal, Rev Thampu needed a PhD degree.

According to the Delhi University Teacher's Association he did not have a PhD till November 2007.

CNN-IBN learnt that he obtained a degree next month from Allahabad Agricultural University, but in Theology, which is not recognised by the UGC.

A spokesperson from the Allahabad Agricultural Institute (deemed Univeristy) said, "Dr Thampu – Rev Thampu – who was the principal of St Stephen's College in Delhi, he has also completed (a degree)."

Meanwhile, Rev Thampu has allegedly been threatening all those who have dared to question his authority.

Two teachers of the history department have been given a show-cause notice.

The DUTA is now urging the vice chancellor to take prompt action and want an independent inquiry to take place.


KapiDhwaja said...

No Problemo, Rajeev. You say it far better than me with your comments. BTW, when is your "Limits of Hindu Tolerance" article coming out? Can you post it here?

Mayuresh Gaikwad said...

Thank Jesus he did not get a PhD degree by correspondence through IGNOU. Anyway, this degree is just honarary and does not require a thesis or any coursework, is it?

manojrawal said...

i myself a specially abled studentfrom rural background and i have trully felt the effects of the various reforms. i am thankful to the college administration for granting me admission in 2005 and i am glad that 30 manoj rawal's were granted admission this year first time in college history. my experiences in college with Contribution Of Revd. Valsan Thampu To The College Life

Revd. Valsan Thampu is one of the best things that happened to the college .Some of his biggest contributions to the college life are granting admission to more than thirty deserving students with rural background most of whom were unable to pay to the fee. Revd. Thampu requested KPMG and got Rs 3 lakhs which were distributed to 11 most needy students and many other scholarships were introduced like T.N.PAHWA MEMORIAL,MRS. SUSHILA RANI PAHWA MEMORIAL,JAGRAJ MEHTA,RANVIR JUNEJA SCHOLARSHIPS

The students justified the faith of the college community by being the among the top rankers in the merit scholarships like Sumitomo. Along with that he took initiative to install ramps at various places of college to facilitate movment of disabled students the importance of which can be best understood only by the students who benefited the most , the freedom to move around is a blessing indeed.
During this tenure ,the internet charges were slashed and free internet connectivity was provided from Delhi University .
A unique initiative of mess volunteers was launched in which around 40 students participated and got a first hand experience of the activities in the mess. An expenditure of Rs 22,000 was incurred but in effect we saved over a lakh of Rupees within a month . The leftover food is now sent to orphanage . It also improved the quality of the food in mess and more resident scholars now turned the mess for their daily diet.
Keeping the need of lady scholars which constitute around 66% of the total students population in mind Revd.Thampu proposed the conversion of a boy block ( college currently has 4 boys and 2 girls blocks). The proposal is currently under consideration . Another initiative was the room sharing option made available to scholars which greatly benefited the students.
Now there is a profound unrest in the student community especially in the ones with rural background and disabilities the resignation of such a Messiah of college who had a pro-student approach and did his level best in initiating reforms college life as a while.



nizhal yoddha said...

all this is wonderful, i am sure he's a great dinner host as well. (so is, by the way, general musharraf, i am told). but that doesn't detract from the fact that valson lied and cheated to be head of the college.

and i would not be in the least bit surprised if 'manoj rawal' has been gently persuaded by valson to convert to christism. that is the problem: all the do-gooding is motivated by this contemptible world-conversion urge. that makes is disgusting.

VIPUL said...

i do not agree, i myself am a student of college and have seen all the work done in front of my eyes, the face of colege has changed and the benefits can only be appreciated by us students

VIPUL said...

there have been no 'gentle coercions' by revd thampu and people would do well to keep in mind the fact that one does not necessarily need religion to push forth reforms

nizhal yoddha said...

thampu thumped: pioneer, mar 21st

so why are all his decisions being nullified? they're illegal, against the constitution, etc. the guy is a first-class crook and religious bigot.


All Thampu decisions nullified

Staff Reporter | New Delhi

St Stephen's College management has declared all policy decisions taken during the tenure of Reverend Valson Thampu as null and void. This includes the decision to introduce quota for Dalit Christians in contravention of the constitutional provisions.

According to Sunil Mathew, media adviser to college chairman Bishop Sunil K Singh, the decision would not affect the students admitted last year under the quota; however, the Supreme Council will not pursue it any further. All appointments made by Thampu in his tenure have also been nullified.

"The Supreme Council has decided to rescind the decision taken in respect of the appointment of Thampu as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) as officiating Principal and all consequential administrative decisions and arrangements emanating there from except that which pertains to the honorarium paid to him," said Mathew. He said that the decision includes introduction of new quota policy under which Thampu introduced 25 per cent fixed seats for Dalit Christians in the 40 per cent minority quota. Other policy decisions taken by Thampu include closure of the Mathematical Sciences Foundation, appointing a committee on sexual harassment and starting of the controversial foster father scheme. He even appointed MS Frank as the Vice-Principal of the college in place of Jacob Cherian appointed by former Principal Anil Wilson.

"This is an unprecedented move by the Supreme Council aimed at starting afresh the functioning of the college. We are not saying that Thampu's position was illegal and that all decisions taken by him were wrong but we want to give full freedom to the upcoming Principal," added Mathew.

The college accepted the resignation of Vice-Principal MS Frank, Dean Residence Nandita Narain, Dean Academics Vijay Tankha, Bursar TV Raghunathan and all others appointed by Thampu. The advertisement published by the college two days ago will be superseded by yet another advertisement to be released next week. "But the preferential age bar may remain," informed Mathew.

The move is seen by many as aimed to distance the college from all decisions taken by the controversial OSD and apparently accepting his position as illegal.

Thampu, ever since he joined the college, had constantly been reiterating that academic excellence is not the sole purpose for which the Christian community establishes educational institutions. "Such colleges also have a duty to develop the members of the Christian community. And I wish that all Christian colleges should follow us and make sure that the Dalits and underprivileged in the Christian community get proper education," he told The Pioneer during admissions. The new reservation policy introduced by the college for the first time made it compulsory for the college to admit 40 per cent Christian students, excluding those Christian students who qualify on merit basis and those who come through sports quota.

manojrawal said...

i am not agree with comment of nazal yodha she said"i would not be in the least bit surprised if 'manoj rawal' has been gently persuaded by valson to convert to christism" i am not a student of first class i am in 2nd year Maths hons. student and specially abled,from rural Haryana,joint secretary of student union society etc. let me tell you 30 students those who are from rural background are from Haryana,u.p,rajstan,bihar etc. not dalit Christians and "bikau media " is not focusing ......

rajesh said...

i am agree with vipul and manoj we are students in college what nizal knows about college ? i know very well about Indian media what is happenig in college and what they are writing ... and one thing i like of valsan thampu's that he did work in college with pro-student approach so first time i felt coleege is same as my home ....this year i had my food in mess not outside college... because they improved quality of food.... as manoj said we saved over a lakh Rsalso within in a month good manoj i know u are in mess committee and active student in college... i want to say do not belive on indian media.....

zorba said...

Rev.Valsan has skillfully given a new interpretation that has accomodated the indian dalit christians who were denied benefits merely because of the fact that christianity does not recognize caste. Caste is a reality and the non-christians cannot use such specious arguments to deny the socially deprived christians their due under the christian code. The institution was built on the vision and toil of the christian leaders who believed in the power of education and not on the benefits SEEN!! Rev. Valsan has withstood the bigoted, materialistic, exclusivist rabble which prides on the letter of the law when it suits them and on the spirit of the word when it favours them!! One man among the christians, and a true christian who represents the disabled, deprived and the MINORITY. ZORBA

Anonymous said...

The church supports these poisonous creatures like Valsan Thampu...Occasionally they get a Wright to teach black history...

The institution was built on the vision and toil of the christian leaders who believed in the power of education and not on the benefits SEEN!!

About this this kind of separatism - It is quite powerful when this guy Zorba talks of toil of christian snakes....Are these touts ready to own the slaughter and venom that the christians spread ? It takes idiots to own up these ill gotten institutions hindus were denied to have institutions ...

This Thampu seems to be a dirty poloitician in education depts.. he is teaching identity politics and trying to drum up support for himself among the students...Disabled ? Really ? These morons talk as if they are on top of world!