Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hyderabad: Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) drives our minister

jan 31st, 2008

another mini-pakistan in india. soon they'll be imposing taliban rules in the old city of hyderabad.

why isn't samuel reddy complaining?

that was a rhetorical question. we know the answer: it's because sonia is terrified that the mohammedans will slaughter her and her brat.

inescapable conclusion: if hindus also start getting violent, they will get a lot more respect. non-violence is for the birds, clearly, gandhi notwithstanding.

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Hyderabad, Jan 30: The civil supplies minister, Mr K. Venkata Krishna Reddy, was literally driven out of the old city by workers of the Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen on Wednesday and was arrogantly snubbed by its leaders. The shaken minister was left apologising to the Owaisis. Mr Krishna Reddy's embarrassing experience made it evident that the MIM's writ runs in the old city and the ruling party can do nothing about it.

The minister had reached the old city to conduct surprise checks on fair price shops. However, as soon as he stepped into Talabkatta along with the legal meteorology controller, Ms Tejdeep Kaur, other officials and mediapersons, he was surrounded by fair price shop dealers and local MIM workers. The MIM workers obstructed the convoy and started pushing the minister back, raising slogans against him. They told him that he could not visit the locality without prior permission from the local legislator, Mr Akbaruddin Owaisi.

Though Mr Krishna Reddy tried to explain the reason for his visit, the mob was not willing to listen and asked him to leave the place. The minister then called up Mr Owaisi. It was evident that the MLA blasted him over the phone since all that the minister could say in reply was: "yes..., sorry..., sorry...." Then Mr Krishna Reddy turned his convoy to Darussalam, the MIM headquarters, to meet the party's leaders.

When mediapersons asked the minister about the change of plan, he said that Mr Owaisi had invited him for tea. However, the Owaisis were not present at Darussalam. The MIM legislators, Mr Maqtada Khan, Mr Mumtaz Khan and Mr Moazam Khan, remained seated on their chairs did not even welcome Mr Krishna Reddy. "Why did you visit the old city without informing us," they asked him. "What are you doing here?"

Looking sheepish, the minister tried to talk about his friendly ties with the Owaisi family for decades. "Mr Akbaruddin Owaisi invited me over for tea," he said. However, the MLAs cryptically replied that Mr Akbaruddin Owaisi had already left and that Salar — Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi — was not available. The minister then requested for a glass of water, drank it and left the premises. While returning, he also faced a round of sharp criticism from mediapersons who were angry with the minister rushing them to the MIM office.


Anoop's Blog said...

This is so typical of Old city. I have a cousin in erstwhile APSEB (electric board), he would be intimidated and beaten every time his group goes in either for meter checking or to detest wire tapping. Even police would not a register case against residents of Old City even if APSEB employees wanted to complain. But in new city, one of my friends just touched the electrician when he was checking meter, the electrician complained to police and my friend was booked and arrested as he has put a government employee in danger..I think IPC 178 or something like that. Good thing corruption works in India as my friend could get the case buried and its been 20 years since, I am sure nothing ever happened, that I could recall. Not that I am condoning to bribe..but then again, if system doesn't work, you gotta fix it. As my American friend says, even with all these double standards in implementing law etc, India still is surviving as a country..don't know how long, but it sure is amazing!

Sun_dude said...

I am always amused at the rhetoric of so called patriotic indian hindus about associating indian muslims with pakistan. Well i could retaliate with associating all hindus with pedophila given the huge number of such cases being exposed thanks to the media. but i do not and not all hyderabad muslims are supporters of MIM or pakistan for that matter. My advice to your likes is not be paranoid and do involve yourself with a positive activity instead of promoting this stupid hatred propaganda. India for Indians ....Zero tolerance for Racists, Hate mongers and Sectarian violence.

offline said...

its right,poeple simply relate Hyderabad to Pakistan well in reality, there is nothing similarity between Hyderabad and pakistan. Hyderabad is as much Indian as Delhi and Lucknow but with its own culture and heritage, which has been preserved for last 400 years, may be people are little resistant to fact they do not want Hyderabad to loose its 'old touch like other Indian cities.
what more stange is people be it muslim or Hindu ot christians or what ever religion from Hyderabad never write such negative and anti comments for Hyderabad they always either talk of good old days or chai and pan, but people who are out of state give out prejudice comment inorder to create hatredness between Hyderabadis.