Friday, January 13, 2006

british mohammedan preacher's vision

jan 13th

note the clarity on killing kafirs:

"[a mohammedan] can kill a kafir for any reason, and [a mohammedan] can kill a kafir for no reason".

the reverse also seems to apply, according to bush and rumsfeld and company.


He said: "Killing the kafir for any reason is OK, killing the kafir for no reason is OK," and he specifically singled out those that granted licences for "wine shops".

Hamza added: "We like blood and are addicted to it. When they say they love Allah they must ask themselves how much fafir blood they have spilt for Allah."

Describing non-believers as "germs and viruses" in another tape he added: "There is no drop of liquid loved by Allah more than blood of Serbs, Jews or any other enemy of Allah."

In a speech about a terrorist attack in Egypt, which killed 58 people in November 1997, Hamza told his audience the tourist industry should be Islamised and added: "While children should not be killed directly, their killing is permissible if they are in the target area."

Asked if suicide bombing was permissible he said: "People call it suicide to put people off. It is not called suicide, it is called martyrdom."


Kaunteya said...

"Film-maker" Mahesh Bhatt is making a movie on jihadis and how they are forced to become jehadis. According to Mr. Bhatt, Islam is a very peaceful religion and it is misunderstood by the general public. Bhatt wants us to show how the governments and system force these poor and innocent muslims to take up arms.

In the meantime our very own innocent muslim victim Mr. Abu Salem is having a ball out there. He is changing his statements every day and making a mockery of all this investigation or whatever it is.(He should have been bumped off at the airport itself instead of spending millions of investigation)
Soon we will have messrs Kuldeep Nayar, Praful Bidwai, Shabana Azmi, Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi, Vinod Mehta, Teesta (oof even that name is so irritating !) pleading with the More-than-ready to oblige UPA governemt to release him on grounds of human rights.
Before we know Abu Salem will be cutting ribbons of showrooms and malls and who knows even fight elections.

Nizhal Yoddha, you might want to add another algorithm to your library..

1] Kill hundreds
2] Involve in gang wars,hit-and-run,ransom etc
3] Join forces with neighbours
4]Leave the country
5] Convert your Hindu girlfriend to Islam and screw around for years
6] Return back to the country
7] Speak to the media and tell them that the "Hindu" police is torturing
you and leave the rest to Kuldeep Nayar and Co
8] Enjoy your moment of glory or return to step 4]

KapiDhwaja said...

Well done Kaunteya. Proud of you! Hope you can package your algorithm as some sort of software!

indusAquarius said...

This Mahesh Bhatt is among the bigwigs of the Sickular brigade. Which should be fine since the guy is practically a muslim anyway. All muslims are, ispo facto, either Indian Seculars or fundamentalists.

Bollywood actor Emran Hashmi (guy who acted in Murder) is his nephew or some close relation.

Also, I remember Bhatt's film 'Zakhm' (at the time I really liked it). Notice how the movie portrays the Hindu mother-in-law as the root of all evil (who denies her son from marrying a Muslim woman - Pooja Bhat).

In reality, the moment a muslim woman decides to get involved with a hindu (or any other non-muslim) male, the mullahs or even her male relatives will literally chop her legs off so she can't go out of her house.

Hindus generally will oppose initially it but eventually will reconcile.

Kalyani said...


the IDIOTIC,DASTARDLY indian is the prisoner of bhaibhaism,i will-hug-and-kiss-everyone-feed even my very atavistically familiar enemy (iessss)....why?:-

"ihiihi,i want to reserve a seat(s)in Vaikuntam,Kailasam,Swargam....ihihi by doing these punyams you know.....our great scriptures, that our whole dastardly generations grated and came out with this recipe......"

I had written very explicitly when Rajeev posted about charities of mata ashram.Read my comments and zero in on the pertinent valid points,I had raised about arrghing out loud too(aol).

I cannot but male ego inhibiting (inhibited) several of you thinktanks from expressing solidarity or just a "yes, she has a point?

DarkStorm, (I call Him Glorious Sunshine and rightly so)Raghu,some Anonymous,Surya,The Great Warriors who launched the " virtual mootra war" and
Those who came up with the name m,hellicon(I am recalling from my memory,swearing on ArunachalaSiva)too lazy and computer unsavvy to access the archives).....I, the undastardly think very fondly of you (forgive me for forgetting certain other names....not able to recall)today,also
serendipitously,Pongal.....Makara Shankaranthi!

Arjuna,Arjuna who sent the letter *Krishna!Krishna!Come Down*, send in more such letters.And please,you,well qualified,perennially analytical hitechs,at least read
my comments in that section.

Kalyani said...

Mathew-the ex-christist,

Apologies for failing to recall your name and wishing you always,everyday,day
by day all Happiness,Prosperity and Peace and to Gopal who I rashly said whatever I said.

Mathew,you said it! For very long this hi, so sweet,how nice, oh my ,merry ch,aaappy.....thisthat cornucopia of festivals how are you......charades..........had me...well,...your words of disgust wilted dresden chinas filled with devonshire I desist from typing.

Boooooooooohoooooooooo arrrrrrghing out loud!!!

DarkStorm said...

Nice one , Kaunteya.. LOL...

I remember we once had a discussion on yellow rags like Outlook and Times of India. What you said has already started. NDTV keeps reporting on Abu Salem being tortured by the police. (What else should the police do, you NDTV dumbwits.. if you had some mind of your own, you would have had good listings on stock markets and had been a world famous journal, and you would not have been peddling porn in the garb of news.. Same to you Outlook dumbwits... )

Times of India had a page devoted to dumb Hindi/Urdu actors (who would not mind dancing naked on the streets if you throw money , and who dont hesitate to sell their souls (and bodies.. ;-)) for a little presence in the movie.. ). The actors were all going.. "ohh he looks handsome. " , "he is cute", blah blah.. Do these people use a little of whatever mind they have before they speak. Tell them to campaign for Kashmiri terrorists whose human rights are being violated and they are all ready to go...

Very funnily, times has a tv channel called zoom entertainment. while channelsurfing away at a friends place, i noticed a program called "Is glorifying abu salem a good thing" or something like that on that channel.. Wow... nice way to do business. The paper does something wrong, the channel makes a program on it. Then the channel does something stupid, and paper comments on it. Practice what you preach, TOI.. you are reduced to pamphleteering, you have forgotten journalism.

As for Mahesh bhatt, all his movies have been copies of Hollywood stuff. he is an entertainer with his off the cuff remarks, not for his movies. And he has been known to campaign for the piss-niks. Actually his mom is a Jehadi. Rajeev, it works both ways. Whether you are "injected" by a Pakistani or you inject a Pakistani, the non-Pakistani is the one who stands to lose. :))

Booklover2006 said...

Mahesh Bhatt is just a porn peddler. the only difference is he is media savvy and gets airtime on all the air-headed channels.Like Praful Bidwai, he considers himself an expert on everything under the sun

indusAquarius said...

I totally agree with DarkStorm. It would be a big mistake to think that a Hindu man marrying a muslim woman would 'win her over' to Hinduism. The results will be quite to the contrary. I think the same thing is true with christians as well (while this rule may not apply to most European and some American christians, Indian neo-christians will never revert back to Hinduism after matrimony, irrespective of whether the christian is the bride or the groom).

I've heard of cases where a lot of christian women in India are indoctrinated by the missionaries on how to go about converting Hindu males to christianity through matrimony.

Also, history is replete with examples where Hindu princes/kings have married muslim women and converted to Islam (leading to their kingdoms/territories becoming Dar-ul-islam). One such example that had serious consequences was the Hindu king of Malaysia becoming a muslim on marrying a muslim princess. Thereby, making Malaysia a muslim country and paving way for islamization of Malaysia.

Religions of the desert have really exploited to the hilt, the Hindu concept of there being multiple true paths to God.

Also, it's not that it was all in the past and is not happening anymore, it's just that our media doesn't cover it and considers it a taboo subject.

DarkStorm said...

>> It would be a big mistake to think that a Hindu man marrying a muslim woman would 'win her over' to Hinduism.

Well, indus, we dont marry to convert, like the religions of the Desert do....

Is there anything that these bloody jehadis have left unpolluted...

Kalyani said...

My Most Dearest DarkStorm,

I am seriously and earnestly expecting a
reply from you.

Remember during that m.war,you had written extensively in your own words about Varna Dharmam and lots of bot warfare with your own "device" (which of
course I could not understand anything about but,nevertheless for me carried nothing but overflowed with your ebullient wit and you have those archives with you?
Will you explain everything again in person?

I can only tell you in person what I went through that time just cannot write....tell me seriously and honestly would you want that we meet each other? Don't try to hide your true feelings.Please,please,pleeeeeaaaaseeeeeeeee
# posted by Kalyani : 1/17/2006 5:29 PM

DarkStorm/Glorious Sunshine,

You never have failed to answer anyone's query....So I fervently wish and pray that you would reply here.In this blogosphere space.

I have money don't worry.Lots of it like your wit.But will waste only on you!!!
# posted by Kalyani(this is a cut and paste from the big b.chistan b;ogspace)

Kalyani said...

"Religions of the desert have really exploited to the hilt, the Hindu concept of there being multiple true paths to God.

Also, it's not that it was all in the past and is not happening anymore, it's just that our media doesn't cover it and considers it a taboo subject".

I think and concur IndusAquarius has the last say on this issue and has expressed it well!!!