Thursday, June 01, 2017

Friedman: US War on North Korea Imminent

George Friedman, former chairman of Stratfor, feels certain that a US attack on North Korea will happen in the near future. He believes that the US has made a clear determination that Pyongyang is about to cross a fundamental red line in achieving nuclear weapons capability that would allow it to hold a nuclear knife to the throats of America and its allies. A US-led attack against North Korea would likely result in the complete destruction of the North Korean state and its leadership.

It's not clear what the full repercussions of such a war would be, but it would at least result in China losing its proxy for leverage against US & Japan. There would be tension/confrontation between China and the US over the large US force presence on the Korean peninsula, so near to China's border. India should be prepared for any fallout, such as Chinese attempts to shore up its borders by converting Nepal into a buffer-state through revived communist insurgency. China might also seek to shore up its remaining proxy Pakistan militarily, to better ensure its survival.

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