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Fwd: Corridor between China, Nepal and India+Achilles Heel in India's Border Defence with China!+ S.Korea can’t strike a balance between China and US on THAAD+

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1. One Belt, One Road has no basis in China's history 9.6.17 by deepak nayyar
China is seeking to legitimize One Belt, One Road by invoking the Silk Road, but the initiative more closely resembles European imperial engagement with Asia in the 19th century.'
2. Explained: India, NSG, And The Chinese Roadblock 8.6.17 by artha biswas
3. Japan races China to secure Asian port rights 8.6.17
Japan's ruling party on Wednesday pushed a nuclear cooperation deal with India through the upper house of parliament, clearing the way for Japanese exports of materials and technology to the South Asian country.'
5. Raghuram Rajan has the last laugh 7.6. by anantha nageshwaran
6. Corridor between China, Nepal and India: Is it realistic? 6.6.17 by hari b jha
'However, it is feared if China will that easily open Tibet for tourists from Nepal, India and other parts of the world through the trilateral corridor. Recent experience shows that China did not even allow the Nepalese business persons and truck drivers, other than those from Nepal's northern regions, to enter into the Chinese territory from across the Rasuwagadhi sector when they wanted to collect 46 containers of goods in Tibet during the time the Madheshis in Terai region had imposed economic blockade at the Nepal-India border in 2015-16.'
7. S.Korea can't strike a balance between China and US on THAAD OPED 7.6.17
'Russian President Vladimir Putin said on June 1 that Russia would not ignore the US' deployment of THAAD in South Korea, and pointed out the contested islands, known as the Northern Territories in Japan, would be an ideal place for military deployment against THAAD. Once South Korea finishes its deployment of THAAD, China should have corresponding countermeasures immediately. Sino-Russian cooperation on this will be important. Seoul must know it cannot escape scot-free. '
8. Achilles Heel in India's Border Defence with China! 9.6.17 by col rajinder singh
China had occupied some 35241 sq Kms in Akasai Chin and 350 Sq Kms in Demochek region during 1962 war. China also claims some 150 sq Kms are of Demochek region under Indian Control.
In the Middle Sector, opposite Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh,  there is a great chunk of territory claimed by China, which is hardly known to a common man in India. These areas are , Chumar, Kaurik, Shipki La, Nelang and Laptha . However, in the Middle Sector, there is another very significant region, called Barahoti Grass Land, in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, whose grazing fields extend over some 80 Kms.
Chinese troops frequently intrude into the bowl and destroy the temples but they are rebuilt by the locals.
Indian Government, in an 1958 agreement with China, had declared this area as a No-Man's land ,which was forbidden to be patrolled and occupied by two armies. This was a strange concession by Nehruvian Government.
What is worrisome is the fact that between March 2017 and first week of June 2017, there have been four intrusions. The last intrusion by two helicopters is worrisome as it was by Zheva class Attack Helicopters.'
Since the U.S. has been unable to change Pakistan's behaviour despite having provided nearly $34 billion in economic and military assistance since 2002 accompanied by occasional threats to suspend or withhold the funds, enhancing capability of the Afghan security forces remains the only option. '
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