Monday, June 19, 2017

tatas to build f-16 fighter jets in india, including for export

good news: some make in india; will mollify trump too. and this may mean some of the technology transfer restrictions under super 301 are being eased

bad news: obsolete technology being dumped on india. the latest like the f-35 not available to us

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Pagan said...

I think this is contingent upon govt selecting F-16 for the single engine fighter jet program.

san said...

I'd somewhere read that what was signed was an "understanding" and not necessarily some full-blown deal. Anyway, India might be able to get more international market share selling F-16s to other countries, as compared to selling LCA. It would help us shut out China's cheap jets from the international sales market, thus reducing China's return on investment. Plus we could see it as Make-in-India job creation.

san said...

Here - these aircraft may not necessarily be for IAF - they'd mainly be Made-In-India for export abroad, and if India had sudden need to boost its combat capability, then we could rely on these production lines to quickly fulfill our needs:

nizhal yoddha said...

brahma chellaney wrote slamming the deal, suggesting that it is obsolete technology being dumped on india. it's some 40 years old, and the demand has tailed off. however, the knowhow is still useful, and maybe some of it will still help indigenous fighter jet development.