Tuesday, June 20, 2017

South Korea Plans to Develop Hyperloop

South Korea has signed an agreement with company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to build a high-speed transportation network based on hyperloop technology:



Perhaps for an undeveloped revolutionary concept with broad potential like this, it would be best to have an international consortium of countries jointly developing this together, rather than separately - just like there is for nuclear fusion research (eg. ITER). Maybe India should try to join in with other countries to get this technology more quickly developed sooner rather than later. India could supply lots of cheap engineers to help such a project, just as it did for France in development of the Viking/Vikas rocket engine, or as it's been doing for the International Tokamak Energy Reactor (ITER). Japan is already financing the construction of a bullet train line for India, so perhaps India could join with South Korea and others to get a hyperloop line made in India.

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