Friday, June 23, 2017

arabs want al-jazeera shut down? that's really dumb

al-jazeera is the arab propaganda channel, just like bbc for brits, cnn for yanks, RT for russians, global times for china.

and arabs want it shut down?

inscrutable indeed.

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san said...

Shutting them down would be great for us. Remember that Qatar has been a bit of a loose cannon or black sheep among the Gulf Sheikhdoms. As Saudi's tinier neighbor, they've traditionally played Saudi and Iran off against each other, to derive maximum benefit for themselves, in addition to hosting a US military base to further shore up their independence from larger neighbors. Al-Jazeera has been used as a propaganda weapon not just for pan-Islamic and pan-Arab causes, but also to take propaganda shots against the Saudis, Egyptians and other large Arab states aligned with the US. Qatar's days of playing everyone off against each other are over - they need to decide which team they're on.