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Fwd: Extremism and Education in Pakistan+South Korea in China’s Strategic Calculus Analysed+Kashmir: Losing war of narratives to win tactical battles

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Subject: Extremism and

1. Pak repays Euroloan $ 750 million with Chinese loan of $ 1B 2.6.17
2. Extremism and Education in Pakistan 1.6.17 by dr raza khan
A part of Pakistani educational institutions, instead of having a moderating and democratising influence on society, themselves become hubs of religious extremism and terrorism! The large number of madrassas particularly those that cropped up under General Ziaul Haq and in the 1990s financed by Arab countries and Muslim charities have been instrumental in radicalising Pakistan.
The students of thousands of madrassas are imparted religious theory, largely based on selective lessons from the Islamic scripture and their de-contextualised exegesis, and are prepared to take up jobs in the religious sector. The main problem of madrassas is that their extremely narrow worldview that they cultivate among their students along with the curricula that is bereft of modern civic education interacts with the poverty of the students and cause large-scale radicalisation of society.
Importantly, well before madrassas in Pakistan became hubs of militant training and extremism, many universities and colleges had already been dens of arms, ammunition and violence, if not of militant training per se.'
3. Belt and Road remains open to India despite absence at recent forum 1/6/17
'At the meeting, Modi pitched an "Asia-Africa growth corridor," in actuality a duplication of the "freedom corridor" designed by his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe during his Japan visit last November. In the eyes of Indian media outlets this Asia-Africa connectivity initiative is a counter to China's Belt and Road.
Moreover, the Indian press has also given much coverage to the US plan to restart the New Silk Road and the Indo-Pacific Economic Corridor initiatives, both of which they claim will rival Beijing's Belt and Road and New Delhi will play an important role in. '
4. An Assessment of the Strategic Partnership Model in Defence Industry 2.6.17 by laxman behara
5. Winning back their country: on Afghan women re-entering the public space 2.6.17 by meha dixit
6. South Korea in China's Strategic Calculus Analysed 31.5.17 by dr subhash kapila
7. Kashmir: Losing war of narratives to win tactical battles 1.6.17 by ritu sharma
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