Tuesday, June 06, 2017

are tokens the next hot thing?

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san said...

I dunno - sounds like it would just encourage consumers to head towards freeware/open-source technologies as cheap knockoff alternatives. Google kept its search engine technology a close secret, yet others were able to reverse-engineer it based on past technical papers published by founders, giving rise to free imitations like HADOOP. So if someone reverse-engineers/imitates your popular technology and releases their free open-source version, then your token would immediately become worth much less. Businesses use free versions of Linux all the time, even though Linux is technically a knockoff of AT&T's Unix operating system. Microsoft Office has been imitated by free knockoff Libre-Office. The freeware imitators may often lag the pay-version counterparts in features, but open-source often benefits from a larger pool of contributors, even if they're unpaid.