Thursday, June 16, 2016

South African Opposition to India in NSG

South Africa may be the only country apart from China which opposes India's entry into the NSG, and this may likely be due to South Africa selling out to China:

India needs to learn how to better marshal the Indian lobby in South Africa, in order to get better results in bilateral dealings.

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Unknown said...

China has steadily been investing globally in a network of proxies of differing influence. Depending on the need of the moment, it uses it to influence events towards a favoured outcome. Even the British are dependent on Chinese favours now.

This has come through a patient pursuit of national strength and the only counterweight India has is it's soft power. For all its talk, India needs to build domestic capabilities to develop more heft. While India's market is a juicy carrot for the West, it cannot overcome the Chinese subtke threats. They need cheap Chinese goods to maintain their bankrupt lifestyles and also Chinese investments to shore up their economic activity.

As someone pointed out, the Chinese are using the profits earned from their global dominance of world manufacturing to climb on top of the influence pool. While the US says it is a global power and sends its armies in to back its threats, China works in a much more subtle fashion.