Saturday, June 04, 2016

Opponents Against India's NSG Bid

The New York Times editorializes against admitting India into the Nuclear Suppliers Group, claiming that India's policies are provocative against Pakistan and China:

China is the key obstacle against India's entry, and India will have to find ways to increase its carrots and sticks to move them:


The Wire gives its rebuttal to the NYT editorial:

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Unknown said...

If India believes it can get global heft through the crutches of some other power, it is mistaken. In current times only economic heft matters. All countries not supporting the Indian NSG initiative should have economic costs to pay. Their access to India's vast markets should be squeezed. Let them sell their wares to those Islamic thugs in the West.

The opposition to India's NSG bid is economic, not strategic. India has experience building and managing nuclear reactors on the cheap. The West will see its markets disappear.