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Fwd: China's Cynical Realpolitik: India Needs to Review NSG Stance+Indian Naval Sales – The Cautious Emergence of a New Supplier+Modi’s projection of Indo US relations is optimistic

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1. India-Myanmar-Thailand Highway: Strategic Dimensions 22.6.16
My take – having been to Moreh and spent days in Manipur hope the highway gets started at the earliest. Highway could be gateway to Myanmar and Thailand for Indian Tourists. Once road route starts and more Indian discover this route, it will promote tourism to the beautiful state of Manipur big time. Some former army guys have started a Travel company, they have just started organising customised trips to Thailand thru Moreh. As of today road Imphal to Moreh in bad shape. Asian Highway 1 is open. Bad stretch after Kalewa to Monywa or Bagan.
The day VOLVO passenger buses start from Imphal to Thailand would be a great day for India's Act Easy Policy. It will also increase exports, legally to Myanmar.
2. How India gains from selling Brahmos missiles to Vietnam by d ghoshal 21.6.16
3. Jakarta discord requires measured response from China editorial global times 22.6.16
4. Industrial Policy: Govt rolls back controversial clause. Provision allowing non-locals to acquire land had evoked strong protests 22.6.16
5. Obama's bitter Afghan legacy by brahma c 21.6.16
The reality is that the medieval Taliban will neither be defeated nor seek peace until their Pakistani sanctuaries are eliminated. No counterterrorism campaign has ever succeeded in a country when the militants have found refuge in another.'
6. The many shades of violence 22.6.16 by syed ata hasnain
7. China's Cynical Realpolitik: India Needs to Review NSG Stance 21.6.16 by com uday bhaskar
7A. In or Out of NSG, New Delhi's Carried Out a Diplomatic Masterstroke India's diplomacy in pursuit of membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group shows the country at its best. 23.6.16 by harsh pant
8. Indian Naval Sales – The Cautious Emergence of a New Supplier 22.6.16 by Sanjay Badri-Maharaj
However, India becoming the primary supplier of naval vessels to Mauritius is a significant step as previous purchases by the island nation have been from sources as diverse as the former Soviet Union and Canada. By signing a contract in 2013 to build two 105m OPVs for Sri Lanka, GSL has in one stroke established India as the key supplier of Sri Lanka's most modern surface assets. India has also sought to enter the Vietnamese market and has extended a $100 million line of credit to that country for the procurement of patrol boats
9. India's salience in the global calculus 2016 by dr subhash kapila 22.6.16
10. Modi's projection of Indo US relations is optimistic 23.6.16 by kanwal sibal
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