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Fwd: 2016 International Yoga Day - 22 high quality articles on Yoga

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On the occasion of the 2nd International Yoga Day June 21, we present a collection of articles on India's gift to the world for which No Country pays us Royalty. Every article contains pearls of wisdom.
1. Origins of Yoga by Brahmachari Dayaghanachaitanya

2. Movie History of Yoga by Vishuddhi Films


3. Defining Yoga by Dr Satish Kapoor


4. Photo Essay Why has Yoga become popular? by Benoy Behl


5. Introduction to the Eight limbs of Yoga by Prof Gyan Sahay 


6. Talk Yoga is a way of Life by Swami Tattwamayananda of RKM San Francisco


7. Yoga Asanas pics by Prof Gyan Sahay published by Kaivalyadhama


8. Yoga and Peace by Dr B R Sharma of Kaivalyadhama


9. A note on the concept of Yoga in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras by T N Sethumadhavanji


10. Notes on Structures and Functions of Human Body and effects of Yogic Practices by Dr Shrikrishna. Published by Kaivalyadhama


11. Yoga leads to Turiya by Dr Satish Kapoor


12. Yog and Orthopedics by Dr Vispi Johri


13. Yoga might achieve what communism did not by Vamsee Juluri


14. Surya Yog by Madhukar Soni


15. Is Yoga a Hindu practice by Sankrant Sanu


16. Learning to sit still by Varuna Shunglu


17. Why celebrating International Yoga Day is important for India by Sanjeev Nayyar


18. International Yoga Day – Common Protocol by Govt of India


19. The Growing Yoga community in Istanbul – first published in prabuddha bharata


20. Yog for personal and social development – talk in Greece by Bharat Gupt


21. Yoga and Peace by Dr B R Sharma of Kaivalyadhama


22. Introduction to Teaching Methods for Yogic Practices published by Kaivalyadhama

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