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Fwd: शारदा-गुरुकुलम् promoting sanskrit studies for girls in kerala

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A new venture to promote Samskritam in Keralam.

Samskritabharati - Keralam has started a baalikaa-gurukulam at Chemmanda, Irinjalakuda, Thrissur district..

Some features of this Sharada gurukulam

It is for girls who have  passed tenth standard.

It is a residential gurukulam.

The girls will be appearing for the 12'th standard examination conducted by Kerala board and then for BA-Samskritam  and probably MA too.

The entire expenditure- the food, board, study materials , electricity, water, tuition and other miscellaneous expenses- will not be charged. It is entirely free for the students. The gurukulam will run on public contributions only.

We expected about five girls to enroll.
But we were pleasantly surprised to see the good response. So we screened and selected ten students only  from various parts of Keralam - Kannur to Pathanamthitta .

The students hail from cross section of the society.

Dr.Gangadharan Nair, Dr.Ramakrishna Bhat, Dr.Vasudevan  [ retired professors from various reputed colleges ] have volunteered to teach vyakaranam, nyaayam and alankara-shastram respectively. Many other voluntary teachers will also be involved in giving holistic education to these students.

The day starts at 5AM and will conclude at 10PM. Smt.Vatsala and Smt.Vandana are resident teachers who will always be with the students.

There will not be holidays on Saturdays or Sundays. Instead we will be following the traditional pattern- holidays on poornimaa, amaavaasya and such other tithiis.

The inauguration of the gurukulam was on 22'nd June 2016. Sri R.Hari popularly known as Hari-ettan was present.Hari-ettan who is in his nineties is a well known social worker and scholar.


Please read Dr.Gangadharan Nair's message on his face book :



Whenever you come to India, please make it a point to visit Sharada gurukulam. It is about forty kilometres from Guruvayur and fifteen kilometres from Kodungallore - two famous pilgrim centres.

Three photos related to the gurukulam are in the attachment.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact Dr.Nandakumar- all India General Secretary of Samskrita bharati.This mail is being ccéd to him.  His telephone number -
 94477 55985

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