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Fwd: Urgent Need to Have a Re Look at India’s Minimum Deterrence+. Dual diplomacy for NSG +James Stavridis -- Expect more air and sea confrontation with China

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1. Urgent Need to Have a Re Look at India's Minimum Deterrence 14.6.16 by col anil athale
Pakistan position is clear. Since that country is weak in conventional arms and lacks strategic depth, it has a policy of using nuclear weapons first in case of a conventional attack on its mainland. 
Second Strike Capability' is the bed rock of `deterrence' strategy and means an ability to absorb a surprise first strike by the enemy and yet retain a capability to inflict unacceptable damage on the aggressor. '
'The second track should focus on China. The reality is that Pakistan is not ready to join the NSG. It has not separated its military and civilian nuclear programmes; safeguard agreements with the International Atomic Energy Agency for its civilian programme are yet to be negotiated; and accession to the Additional Protocol is pending. China knows this and is employing dilatory tactics. The question is whether an assurance that India would refrain from blocking Pakistan's subsequent bid will work'
3. India must not let nuclear ambitions blind itself 14.6.16 by weng w
'India and Pakistan, both nuclear powers in the region, keep alert to each other's nuclear capabilities. India's application for NSG membership and its potential consequences will inevitably touch a raw nerve in Pakistan, its traditional rival in the region. As Pakistan is not willing to see an enlarging gap in nuclear power with India, a nuclear race is a likely outcome. This will not only paralyze regional security, but also jeopardize China's national interests.'
4. Why must Pakistan put all its eggs in the China basket? 14.6.15 by cyril almedia
6. SCO India enters Eurasai 14.6.16 by p stobdan
7. India US cyber relationship 14.6.16 by sanjeev gupta
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