Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Quick notes: Secular detonators, Sanskrit daily...

  • Saved by Secularism: Daniel was involved in supplying explosives on three occasions: for planting a bomb below a bridge near Vellore in 2011 to target BJP leader L K Advani, the 2012 Tirunelveli blast and for the Malleswaram blast.

  • High Time: Rajnath promises to bring back ‘quota within quota’ if BJP wins UP.

    As someone said, the Jat agitation stems from resentment about Yadavs pocketing all the benefits of reservation. Ensuring that no single caste can get more than a third of the available reservations will bring a measure of fairness to the system.

  • India's only Sanskrit daily fights for survival: Sudharma was launched by Kalale Nadadur Varadaraja Iyengar, a Sanskrit scholar, in 1970 with the goal of propagating the language. 

  • Paddy fields vanish in Kerala’s rice bowl: Real estate lobbies buy paddy fields from farmers at cheap rates and convert them to housing plots.

  • Worth fighting for:

  • Ayigiri Nandini :

  • India is building a $60 million supercomputer that will help predict monsoons: The dynamic, 3D modeling technique is far more high-tech than the statistical method, which sees Indian meteorologists collect data on things like sea-surface temperatures, wind direction, and wind speed before comparing this information to historical records of rainfall. The new supercomputer will work ten times faster than the one used in recent years.

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