Sunday, May 24, 2015

Quick notes: Water demand, GDP obsession...

  • India set to become water scarce country by 2025:  Water demand in the domestic and industrial sectors increasing substantially.

  • Yesu, Marx Bhai, Bhai: Yechuri quotes from the Gospel of Luke to underline how "Lord Jesus" too had come "to send off the crushed into liberty".

  • Dirty Coal: 12,300 megawatts of coal power will shut down in the US in 2015, lots more to come

  • GDP obsession: Of the 20 most polluted cities of the world, 13 are in India.

  • No nation for children: Impaired lung growth in children, autism linked to maternal exposure, birth anamolies...


  • Tata Nano GenX Easy Shift: The transmission allows you to crawl in first and reverse gears without having to work the throttle pedal. The combination of AMT and power steering makes the car an excellent companion for new drivers and city commuters alike.

  • Subterranean Swamy: Almost ties the knot at wedding he's invited to bless

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