Monday, May 18, 2015

Fwd: TODAY at noon: A conversation with Civil Rights Activist Jibran Nasir moderated by Professor Shahzad Bashir

interesting that paks at stanford have 'pakistanis at stanford' association, whereas indians only have 'south asian' associations. the paks come to the 'south asia' associations to pick up indian girls, that's it.

so much for 'south asian' solidarity. total scam. all those idiot leftie secular indians eg FOIL and ASHA are basically agents of the ISI even if they don't know it. some of them are receiving money from fai type outfits with plausible deniability for the ISI (like "mary")

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From: Sindu Singh

Pakistanis at Stanford (PAS) and Center for South Asia at Stanford (CSA) are honored to host civil rights activist, Mohammad Jibran Nasir for a conversation moderated by Dr. Shahzad Bashir, Professor Department of Religious Studies. The event is supported by Billie Achilles Fund and Bechtel International Center.

Venue - Bechtel International Center, 
584 Capistrano Way Stanford. 
Room: Bechtel Assembly Room
Date: May 18, 2015
Time: 12:00 p.m.
(Lunch will be served)

As a 28 year old lawyer, civil rights activist, and blogger, Jibran Nasir contested the 2013 general elections as an independent candidate from Karachi offering a secular manifesto which emphasized the paramount importance of countering religious intolerance and terrorism as Pakistan's top priorities. 

Jibran co-founded two social and relief outreach programs Pehla Qadam in 2010 and Hum Qadam in 2014, which have provided food relief to over 6000 internally displaced persons and flood affected families in Pakistan. He is also the co-founder of the advocacy collective, Pakistan for All, which advocates against hate speech, violation of human rights and censorship of media. Jibran is a regular writer on Express Tribune and and has hosted current affairs show on DawnNews Tv.

In the aftermath of the December 16, 2014 Peshawar Army Public School attack, Jibran has been leading the citizen's movement against terrorism, organizing and running two campaigns, #ReclaimYourMosques and #NeverForgetPK, in an effort to put pressure on the Government of Pakistan to start a crack down on banned militant outfits. As a result Jibran has faced an arrest and has been threatened by the Taliban. Moreover other banned militant outfits have falsely accused him of blasphemy and have even tried to implicate him in fabricated criminal cases as unsuccessful attempts to intimidate and silence him.

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VidrohiArya said...

As far as Indian girls who choose to be picked up by paki boys are concerned, good riddance to bad trash...