Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kejriwal's Itchy Antics

Arvind Kejriwal's intensifying confrontation with Delhi's Lieutenant Governor seems to be the latest iteration of his circus of anarchy. If this doesn't teach Delhi's laughingstock voters the value of voting prudently, nothing will. Now he seems to be clamouring for full statehood to Delhi, deploying his usual shrill theatrics as he charges at this latest windmill.

It may even be that Chief Minister Khujliwal is itching for a way to end his govt with President's Rule, allowing him to bow out while blaming the Centre. After all, 49 days have passed, and he may possibly be craving for a new gig. Bihar?

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non-carborundum said...

Nothing will as far as the deciding percentages go.

In a first in Delhi, a group of auto drivers thrashed a passenger. From what I hear, auto drivers were always in check in Delhi until now when Kejriwal has emboldened them, even giving them the right of refusal.