Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quick notes: Kerala unions, Lethal breath...

  • Dalit woman takes on Kerala Unions: “The unions were not able accept a woman auto-driver, that too a Dalit woman, doing the same job they do. Since then, they have been torturing me.”

  • Lethal Breath: After respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, air pollution now shows a definitive link with strokes

  • First Froth, Now Flames in a Lake: From Garden city, Bengaluru is now India's second most polluted.

  • Toxic heart of South Delhi: “In the winter, you won’t see a single person in my shop. Even if the weather is fine, no one will come here to eat because they can’t breathe.” 

  • IIT Delhi's air-pollution report: “Merely because you are IIT you can’t always be right”.

  • Choking on cars: It was suggested that at the time of registration of a vehicle, the purchaser may be asked to provide proof of parking space and if the person fails to do so, a fee of Rs 5,000 per month can be charged from him/her for parking.

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