Monday, May 25, 2015

Quick notes: Congress crony, Sodium-ion batteries...

  • Swaminomics: Dhirubhai Ambani was a notorious Congress crony and master manipulator. It's somewhat ridiculous for his companies to be called BJP cronies by Rahul. Modi's black money bill has created such fear among businessmen that many plan to give up their Indian citizenship and go abroad to escape prosecution.

  • SJM:  Scrap FDI in multi-brand retail

  • Dr Anand Kamat: Indian surgeon  re-attaches British man's head to spine

  • Faradion: E-bike with cheap sodium-ion batteries

  • Air pollution may be hurting our brains: Pollutants Could Hinder Cognitive Function Through Smell

  • Wise squat: Is the desi posture the best way to deal with loo trouble?

  • Saraswati River:

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