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Fwd: Sino Indian ties need a long term perspective+Solving India China Border Dispute: One million Indians for a road+lots more

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My take – the Chinese are good at borrowing from the world, re-engineering locally and then branding it as their own. That is how they built their Telecom co's. Expect the same with Yoga. Centuries ago Indian Numerals became Arabic ones. First Christian Yoga and now Kung Fu Yoga.
3. Solving India China Border Dispute: One million Indians for a road 14/5/15 by nicolas groffman GOOD READ.
'China does not claim all of Arunachal Pradesh but it does claim the 70 per cent of it that lies along the Northern border of Assam – and that includes Itanagar. China deliberately keeps India guessing as to its intentions, for example by such means as only selectively providing hydrological data and flood information on the River Brahmaputra to India4. A pattern does emerge in Chinese foreign affairs that shows a willingness to negotiate fairly with a country that is in a position of strength, and China's approach to negotiation typically involves the making of concessions by both sides. the ITBP was sanctioned Rs 2.6 billion for the period between 2012 and 2017, but the Home Ministry is yet to release this money.
Many in China seem unaware that Arunachal Pradesh is settled by an Indian population and continue to use the phrase "Take back"22 when discussing it, as if there is a downtrodden population there yearning to be Chinese. In this context, India's current strategy of economic development in Arunachal Pradesh, military reinforcement, and most importantly, development of an efficient logistical chain to the region, is one that will help Beijing face down the hawkish element in the PLA, as well as improving security for the Indian population in the region.
The demarcation process between India and China should mirror the carefully constructed solution to the Sino-Vietnamese border question.'
My take – Sooner then later China will get Pakistan involved in the border talks esp when they relate to J&K. China wants Akshai Chin and legal access Gilgit Baltisan.
4. Sino Indian ties need a long term perspective says Xi by Xinhua 15/5/15
5. Modi Xi meeting offers scope for regional partnership by swaran singh JNU prof 14/5/15
'The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) in India reportedly instructed Amit Shah, president of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), to cancel a meeting with the Dalai Lama that was scheduled to take place during his May 2 visit to Dharamsala, the headquarters of the Tibetan "government-in-exile."
My take – Why do Indian leaders say something before elections and soon thereafter but get into a different mode as time passes by!
5. Decline of American clout by chinmaye gharekhan 15/5/15
6. Can Modi and Xi reset Indo China ties by col anil athale 15/5/15
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