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Fwd: Another Russia+U.S. marines begin operations in Nepal+Obama’s absurd response to Baltimore riots+The IAF’s elusive quest for a new tactical transporter+ more

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3. Understanding America's foreign military sales to Pakistan by brig deepak sinha 2/5/15
'Understandably, the rationale for such a sale makes little sense since Counter Insurgency operations within the country, and that too in mountainous terrain, require neither the use of attack helicopters nor anti–tank missiles, in view of the fact that these are infantry operations against a lightly armed insurgent group that operates from within the civilian population.
4. The IAF's elusive quest for a new tactical transporter 1/5/15 by gd cap j noronha
5. Chinese medical teams provide surgeries in Nepal 2/5/15
My take – When was the last time that U.S. sent marines in Asia post a natural calamity OR are they Missionaries in disguise!!
7. India needs to regain its lost clout in Afghanistan by harsh pant 2/5/15
'The Modi government is keen to expand its security profile in Afghanistan and has provided Kabul with military jeeps, choppers and automated weapons in a bid to strengthen the army as a first step in that direction.
As tensions have risen in Xinjiang, the perceived Pakistan link to Uighur militancy has led to a reassessment of China's approach towards Afghanistan, especially as concerns are rising in Beijing that Islamabad has not been very effective in controlling the training of Uighur militants in Pakistan. For all the hyperbole, the Chinese President's visit to Pakistan last week should also be assessed in this context.'
8. India China may have 1st ever hotline between Udhampur and Beijing 2/5/15
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