Friday, May 08, 2015

Quick notes: Toxic air, Kerala crops...

  • Swachh Bharat: Bangalore second among Indian cities with highest air pollution levels (I am experiencing this first-hand these days). The Garden City has 14% of school-going children suffering because of air pollution. While New Delhi is at the first position at 21%, Mumbai is in the third place at 13% and Kolkata is in the fourth place with 9% of school-going children suffering due to air pollution.

  • Agriculture in communist Kerala is at the brink of collapse: In 1960-61, Kerala contributed to nearly 70% of the country’s coconut production. In 2011-12, it was at 42%. It dropped further by 2.3% points the next year. In 1960-61 Kerala produced more than 10 lakh tons of rice. By 2012-13 rice production was down to 5.08 lakh tons. By 2012-13, in just a single year, area under rice cultivation had declined by 5.2%, and the production itself dropped by 10.2%.

  • BHAVINI: India's first fast breeder reactor to generate power 2015-16

  • Obama, Nobel Laureate: US arms Pakistan with combat aircraft, trainer jets

  • Fear-mongering by foreign insurance cos?

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