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Attached hereweith are possibly the earliest photographs of Travancore ever to exist. The Royal collection in London has had them since the Victorian days but owing to staffing shortages & prioritization-plan in place, only recently managed to digitized them. The bulk of it were part of the Lord & Lady Napier Collection presented to HM Queen Victoria.   There are a few more in the collection which will hopefully when time permits be uploaded as well.


It is so wonderful to see these photographs from the 1860s. How our country & people looked in those days.


Browse through them and enjoy. Do forward on to anybody who might be interested.




​ The Pagoda at Trivandrum:  Sree Anatha Padmanabhaswamy Temple (1868)



​                 HH the Maharajah Ayilyam Thirunal


​               HH The Elayarajah Visakham Thirunal, The First Prince & Heir Apparent


                 ​HH The Senior Rani of Travancore, C.I.  




​                     Entrance to the Palace in Trivandrum  


        The State Barge which ferried Lord & Lady Napier to Kalpala-kadavu in Trivandrum 


                          The State Carriage pulled by Six White Horses

                              The Guard of Honour at the Residency in Thycaud  

                                     The State Elephants' Guard of Honour



                          The Padmanabhapuram Palace (Lord Napier highly admired the woodwork)

​           The Mukhappu Windows from which the Ranis view the ceremonies

                                      at Padmanabhapuram Fort



​                                         Suchindrum Temple



​                    View of the main thoroughfare & Temple at Cape Comorin / Kanyakumari



View of the Vattakottai / the Cycloidal Fort  




Albumen Print of Maharajah Ayilyam Thirunal

Nagercoil Ammachi : The consort of Maharaja Ayilyam Thirunal



Tanjore Ananda Row: The son of Dewan Raja Sir Madhava Row 

(who later went on to become the Dewan of Mysore)



Amba Bayi : Daughter of Dewan Raja Sir Madhava Row

Sakhee/Sathee Bayi (?) : Daughter of Dewan Raja Sir Madhava Row


Daughter of Dewan Raja Sir Madhava Row


Neena Bayi: Daughter of Dewan Raja Sir Madhava Row


Bala Bayi : Daughter of Dewan Raja Sir Madhava Row

Sundara Bayi: Daughter of Dewan Raja Sir Madhava Row




Courtallam Siva Temple and Waterfalls in the village of Kizha Ambur


The Papanasam Waterfalls


View of the hills at Courtallam


View of the Old Syrian Church at Kottayam and the Rev. Mar Dyonisius (under the Umbrella)


The Lighthouse at Alleppey


View from the quayside on the way to the city of Ernakulam

                Bolghatty Palace, Bolghatty Island, Cochin 

  (Molavu-kad in the vernacular meaning Pepper Forest) Taken on the 4th of March,1868.



The Rajah of Cochin


The Rajah of Cochin

The Display of Arms, Cochin 


          British Indian & Native Troops at the Sakthan Thampuran Palace, Trichur




Vypin Church


Mar Athanasius of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church

Jewish Town, Cochin

The Synagogue, Cochin

Rabbi of the Black Jews of Cochin

A Jewish boy (Black Jerusalem denomination)

Jewish Women (Black Damascus Denomination)

Jewish Women (White Jewish denomination)


​The copperplate granted to the Jewish populace of Cochin by the Chera King Bhaskara Ravi Varma supposedly in AD 379



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