Friday, October 10, 2014

patronizing nobel peace prize citation

sort of like great white people telling brown natives to get along. the citation mentions hindu muslim, india pak. 

they never said kissinger-arafat was jew-muslim. so why now?

it means this is a consolation prize to maintain the india-pak equal equal and hindu-muslim equal equal story from the benign great white sharks. :-)

this is what then leads to john dayal types saying RSS == ISIS

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vtpcnk said...

europeans reduced india from a rich country to a poor one. if india were not poor, would there be child labourers now? the man who brought freedom to india was denied a nobel. but now a man who helps children is given the nobel - along with another girl from Pakistan, perhaps in an attempt to highlight india's backwardness (contrasting it with mangalyaan) and also equate it with pak.