Friday, October 24, 2014

Another NYT Hit Piece

Pankaj Mishra seeks to earn a xmas bonus for himself, and the NYT gladly gives him a platform:

Mishra's ranting demagoguery against "fascism" not only targets Modi, but now extends to Swami Vivekananda. Take a look at the comments section for the article, and you'll see it triggered a lot of outrage.

Just as a contrast, it's worth reading another op-ed piece NYT has published regarding Brazil's upcoming elections:

As we can see, while the NYT never misses an opportunity to support regressive Marxist politicians in India and Asia, it absolutely loathes any politicians with similar views in Latin America. Note that the same economic policies advocated by Modi in India which the NYT criticizes and despises, are fiercely defended by the NYT when expressed by right-wing politicians in Latin America. So we can see that the NYT practices a cunning policy of double standards. When critiquing politics in Asia, then the NYT fiercely defends leftism and strongly condemns economic liberalism. But when it's politics in Latin America, then the NYT goes in the exact opposite direction, defending economic conservatism while fiercely attacking socialists.


Sujeev said...

Pankaj Mishra's piece contains a direct attack on me.

"Lest he be accused of irrationality, Mr. Malhotra also claims that the intuitive Indian worldview is not only different from but also cognitively superior to the logic-addled Western outlook. Mr. Malhotra has worked up his own version of the Russian Idea and kokutai with some piffle about the “integral unity” of Indian philosophy, a notion that conflates very different Hindu and Buddhist traditions. In his North American redoubt, Mr. Malhotra runs workshops aimed at mass-producing “intellectual kshatriyas” (intellectual warriors)."

I was one of the 50 or so people who attended Rajiv Malhotra's First "Intellectual Kshatriya" workshop in Toronto in August, 2014, though by no means am I an "Intellectual", nor am I a "Kshatriya" :-).

SS said...

Why do you and Rajeev care so much about the opinion of that bigoted third rate rag? Nobody believes the Noo Yawk Times outside of the white hipster douches in Noo Yawk. Their opinions and prognostications are as relevant as Barack Obama's Noble Prize.