Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ghandy Jayanti etc.

It makes me sick to my stomach seeing many RSS wallahs eulogising Ghandy today. #SwachchBharatAbhiyan is great.
I support it wholeheartedly, including lip service to Ghandy's commitment to cleanliness, hygiene etc.

However, Ghandy does not have a monopoly on hygiene & cleanliness - just as Nehru had no monopoly on Science, technology, Scientific temper etc.

All of the above are intrinsic Hindu CIVILIZATIONAL values. Neither Ghandy nor Nehru contributed anything new to the nation that was beneficial. Ghandy emasculated the Hindu nation. Nehru prostituted it. 

Some say Ghandy introduced the Hindu spiritual idiom to the freedom movement. 
But, this is a flawed claim. Tilak, Aurobindo deployed Hindu religious idiom in the context of the freedom movement - much before Ghandy. 
It is also postulated that Hindus would have been unable to prevent partition - even without the emasculating catalyst of a Ghandy. I can certainly agree with that. 
19th century Hindu freedom fighters naively joining hands with Jihadis  in 1857 - with the declared common goal of resurrecting Mughal rule under Bahadur Shah Zafar is evidence that Hindus collectively lacked strategic intent at that point in time.

However, I find most of Ghandy's formulations utterly revolting and resonate instead with
Veer Savarkar's civilizational nationalism.

Veer Savarkar was in fact secular and agnostic in his personal life!!! However, there was no contradiction with his espousal of devotion to Bharat as Matrubhoomi, Pitrubhoomi, Dharmabhoomi, Karmabhoomi and Punyabhoomi. 

This is quite distinct from recent derivations of "All those who live in India are Hindus." There may be a grain of truth in this latter formulation too, but I find it a bit simplistic and amenable to perversion by Christist inculturation technique practitioners. For example, does the employment of Hindu like rituals, chanting by Saffron clad Christist Padres to worship a Yogi Jesus make them Hindu? Do the superficialities make them Hindu nationalists, while their true allegiance lies elsewhere?

I get the feeling that there is an RSS project to co-opt Ghandy and possibly, even Chacha Nehru. (The tail wagging by Nehruvian Dhimmi dog Katju on UCC could be an indicator. Or is that mere posturing to preserve his position as PCI chairman?)

Co-opting the Dhimmi icons of the Kaangress can be valuable ONLY if it can be used to advance our core concerns - ban religious conversions, combat demographic aggression, ban cow slaughter, implement a Uniform civil code, liberate RamJanmaBhoomi, Krishna Janmabhoomi, Kashi VishwaNath etc.

Otherwise, this would be a worthless exercise in intellectual masturbation - of the Sudheendra Kulkarni school of I.M.

The "Mahatma" has been used for too long by the Sickulars as a stick to beat Hindu nationalists with. Any project to deprive the psecs of their weapon is a laudable project. It's ok as long as  Hindutva ideologues do not end up believing this revisionist nonsense. 

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