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Fwd: India warns Pakistan of more 'pain' in Kashmir fighting+China makes greater contribution to global growth than the U.S+Nepal India put seal on Power Trade Agreement

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Shubh Deepavali and best wishes for Vikram Samvat 2071.
Suggested Diwali Resolutions – 1. We must export Arms and Missiles as a matter of State Policy. 2. We must promote indigenous manufacture of defence equipment. 3. We must finalise defence contracts to make up for the 10 lost years. 4. We must refer to Tibet as Chinese occupied Tibet, Akshai Chin as Chinese occupied J&K, POK as POJK and Gilgit/Baltisthan as Northern Areas. 5. We must convince Media to stop being obsessed with Pakistan. 6. We must work towards reducing infiltration from Bangladesh and smuggling of cows thru our borders. 7. We must singularly work towards reviving Economic Growth. 8. We must have more colleges and schools in Arunachal Pradesh, have more Arunachali Scouts teams and improve border patrol. 9. Infrastructure and border patrolling in Ladakh needs to be top class. 10. We must stop being defensive about J&K, the word Plebiscite. and more.
1. How did Modi manage to do so much in the U.S. on a fast? by k p nayar 22/10/14
'The prime minister had 35 structured meetings during those 70 hours, not including the now well known speeches at the Madison Square Garden, the US-India Business Council and the Council for Foreign Relations plus the appearance at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park. How does anyone do so much on an empty stomach? America is still waiting for an answer.'
2. China's hi-speed trains for California 22/10/14
My take – The Chinese will not rest till they capture the U.S. economy.
3. China makes greater contribution to global growth than the U.S. 22/10/14
4. India warns Pakistan of more 'pain' in Kashmir fighting 21/10/14
'The gesture by the US has distressed India as the new project is to be launched in Gilgit-Baltistan, which India perceives to be illegally occupied by Islamabad.'
My take – India must start working on a Plan to review and possibly rescind the Indus Water Treaty. India cannot honor signed agreements (recently told that treaty was never signed) when Pakistan refuses to. For starters India must use all water the Treaty allows it to.
6. The Jihadi proliferation politics in Bangladesh by by Upananda Brahmachari21/10/14
'There were over 30 religious militant organizations have set up their network in Bangladesh since 1989 with the central objective of establishing an Islamic state, as per source. They are hundred percent Islamic and follower of Allah, Quran and Muhammad. All of them have given armed training to their members to conduct ultimate jihad against Kaffirs and non-Muslim civilization.'
7. India objects to 'Million March' for Kashmir independence 22/10/14
'Thousands of people are expected to participate in the rally that shall begin at London's Trafalgar Square and culminate at Prime Minister David Cameron's office at 10 Downing Street on Oct 26. '
My take – this might be a good time to negotiate hard with the Chinese on import of critical items, at the same be aware of dumping by China.
9. Nepal India put seal on Power Trade Agreement 22/10/14 Nepal must now focus on developing Transmission Lines. Sinha said: "Nepal can purchase power directly from hydro projects or from India's open market (where the price is fixed through bidding)."
My take – Hope Implementation is Right. GMR must not do a Maldives Airport deal in Nepal. India must work towards providing Bijli and Petroleum products to Nepal 24 by 7.
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sanjeev nayyar
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