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Fwd: Ajai Shukla: Pakistan's new spymaster+Hong Kong SAR time to stand with the people+The Challenges of Global Terrorism + MORE

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Subject: Ajai Shukla: Pakistan's new spymaster+Hong Kong SAR time to stand with the people+The Challenges of Global Terrorism + MORE

'Yet in 2008, when Lt Gen Akhtar was a brigadier attending a one-year course at the US Army War College, he wrote a 6,313-word paper entitled: "US-Pakistan trust deficit and the war on terror". This spelt out his views on America; militant Islam; the roiling Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, where Pakistan's army is currently fighting; and Pakistan's relations with India.'
2. The Challenges of Global Terrorism 29/9/14 by maj gen sheru thapliyal http://www.indiandefencereview.com/news/the-challenges-of-global-terrorism/
'The rise of non-state actors in terrorism can be traced back to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. At that time, apart from Pakistan taking the lead and becoming a frontline state in the fight against the Soviet invasion, they encouraged, religiously motivated youth to come under the umbrella of various terrorist organisations and that is where Al Qaeda under Osama Bin Laden came into being. Pakistan thought that it would be able to control these Jihadi groups but the script went awry.
A slump in economic activity since the fall of 2007 and then constantly falling economic indices (e.g. the fall of Lehman Brothers in the US). The credit market collapsed in tandem with rising military budgets of some of the developing and developed nations.
Terrorism is a double-edged weapon. It is like a wicked dog, which often bites the hand that feeds it.' India experienced it with Bhindranwale and LTTE of Sri Lanka during the 1980s. Pakistan is realising it now, after sponsoring the Afghan Mujahideen in the 1980s and the 1990s. Even the Pakistan military, which supported and controlled them earlier, is finding it difficult to control the situation in FATA and other areas of the NWFP'.
My take – How does one deal with Governments using NGO's to create unrest in a country and overthrow governments. India receives over $ 2 billion from the U.S.& Europe, what comes thru the Hawala route is unknow.
4. India will not be a major player in America's game of 'rebalancing the Asia-Pacific' 30/9/14 http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/n/2014/0930/c98649-8789925.html
'In fact, no matter how close the relationship between India and the U.S. grows, India will not be a major player on the American team. The 'rebalancing' strategy consists of three parts - politics, economy and security. However, Indian national power is not sufficiently strong in any one of the three aspects. The unsolved territorial disputes will not affect the development of Sino-India relations. China and India vowed to forge a closer development partnership when Chinese President Xi Jinping finished his state visit to India a week ago. It is unrealistic for America to rely on India to play a leading role in its "rebalance in Asia-Pacific" strategy. There is little prospect of India and the U.S. reaching consensus on Chinese issues.'
5. Hong Kong SAR time to stand with the people 30/9/14 http://www.srilankaguardian.org/2014/09/hong-kong-sar-time-to-stand-with-people.htmlThe following statement issued by Occupy Central with Love and Peace in Response to the Chief Executive. ( September 29, 2014, Hong Kong SAR, Sri Lanka Guardian) Since Hong Kong citizens began to use civil disobedience as a means to struggle for universal suffrage, the Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has refused to enter direct dialogue with the public. Instead, he has unilaterally spoken on television to criticize the Occupy Central movement. The Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP) movement strongly condemns this, and believe Leung 's non-response to the people's demands has driven Hong Kong into a crisis of disorder. OCLP strongly demands that Leung Chun-ying resign to create a space for political reform and to defuse the crisis in our society.'
6. Modi makes rockstar debut in the U.S. 30/9/14 http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/884225.shtml
'Pointing to US leaders' statements that Asia will dominate the 21st century, Modi said: "And some say it will be India's century. India has the capacity to achieve that potential."
7. Words are not enough, only action can dismantle the barriers by ashok v desai 30/9/14 http://www.telegraphindia.com/1140930/jsp/opinion/story_18861267.jsp. GOOD READ.
8. Modi has to offer more to Obama than vice versa by C R gharekhan 29/9/14 http://www.rediff.com/news/column/modi-in-us-modi-has-more-to-offer-to-obama-than-vice-versa/20140929.htm
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