Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Deepavali greetings

Best wishes to all Hindu brothers on Deepavali in the Gregorian year 2014.

May this be a harbinger of peace, prosperity and happiness to you all.

Our nation and civilization is faced with many challenges, including existential ones. The world is going through turbulent times, triggered by the rise of extreme medieval ideologies. India cannot remain immune from these for long.

For the first time in many decades, Hindus around the world are energized with hope and pride due to the epochal victory of nationalist forces under the dynamic leadership of Narendra bhai Modi.

Let us spare a thought also for those less fortunate than us - Hindu Minorities facing persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh and many parts of India proper and destitute Hindus with poverty forced upon them by 1300 years of slavery, 7 decades of Nehruvian Stalinism and targeted by Missionary vultures for soul harvesting.

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