Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jeb Bush May Run for US President

Jeb Bush, the younger brother of former US President George W Bush, may be considering a run for the US presidency in 2016:

I've been liking Rand Paul a lot, but Jeb Bush could be another good choice. He had a good track record as governor of Florida, and was considered by his father to be the son more suited for politics. Assuming that Hillary Clinton gets nominated as the Democrat candidate, either of these men could have good prospects.


SS said...

Another crony capitalist Bush would be a total disaster for the US. Jeb would be no different from George Bush and would be controlled by the same corporate puppet masters. Americans have enormous Bush fatigue. He will lose if he runs. A Scott Walker-Rand Paul ticket would be great.

san said...

Yeah, you're right - his family name is probably too much negative baggage on a national level right now. Rand Paul would probably be a better bet.