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Fwd: It is time to wrest the initiative from Pakistan+China remains inscrutable to India even after Xi Jinping’s visit+New wave of Japanese investment expected in Vietnam

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1. It is time to wrest the initiative from Pakistan by col jaibans singh 6/10/14
'The bottom line is that the Pakistan's Kashmir policy has been wholly and irrevocably wrested from the Nawaz Sharif led government by the Pakistan Army and its Jihadi partners. It stands to logic, therefore, that India will have to contend with continued ceasefire violations, infiltration attempts and terrorist activities in the hinterland in Jammu and Kashmir.
It would be beneficial for India to adopt a dynamic two pronged policy to deal with the emerging situation. The first prong should make spread of terror too costly for the adversary. The second prong should concentrate on increasing awareness levels about the actual situation in Jammu and Kashmir.'
2. Dealing with U.S. always test our diplomacy by kanwal sibal 5/10/14 http://www.indiandefencereview.com/dealing-with-the-us-always-tests-our-diplomacy/
3. Brahma Chellaney | PLA aborts Narendra Modi's China reset. The message that China seeks to deliver is that if India does not behave, it risks being given a 1962-style lesson. 6/10/14 http://www.livemint.com/Opinion/voZk9DiweYh8J4AwLzH0hP/PLA-aborts-Narendra-Modis-China-reset.html
'The good news is that Modi is standing up to the pressure from an unyielding and revanchist China, signalling that India will no longer put up with incursions, which escalated significantly over the past seven years under his meek predecessor even as he stayed mum. Modi was so jolted by Xi's birthday gift (the intruding Chinese force numbered 1,000 or more at its peak) that he forthrightly called border peace "an essential foundation" for India-China ties, saying it won't be possible for the two countries to collaborate meaningfully without peace. Modi knows that China has exposed itself by opening fronts with several neighbours'.
My take – When will 1.Indo Tibetan Border Police come under the Army?2. The Army guard our borders with Tibet?3. India export Missiles to Vietnam?4. Make it economically unviable for China to sell power equipment to India? 5. India create a eco system for manufacture of telecom equipment and smart phones in India?
4. China remains inscrutable to India even after Xi Jinping's visit by kanwal sibal 7/10/14 http://www.telegraphindia.com/1141007/jsp/opinion/story_18888057.jsp
'He has now ordered a draw-down on the border — to avoid compromising future progress in bilateral ties and strengthening India-US partnership in Asia against China's interests. While both sides have agreed to withdraw to the positions they held on September 1, India has, on the whole, won this round, as its firmer reaction this time will make it more difficult for China to create bullying incidents on the border as it chooses.'
My take – The Chinese will not settle the border issue unless the issue of J&K is settled in favor of Pakistan and China and it becomes so powerful (including control of the Indian market) that India has little choice. Till then it will go for acquisition of Indian territory thru incursions.
5. 9 killed, 33 injured as India Pak trade fire across Sialkot Border 7/10/14 http://tribune.com.pk/story/772051/indian-border-firing-kills-4-civilians-injures-3-ispr/
'ISPR also said there was firing from Indian side in Nakial, Karela, Kot Kettera, Hot Spring and Jandrot sectors.'
6. Hong Kong - Will history be rewritten by Nilantha Ilangamuwa 7/10/14 http://www.srilankaguardian.org/2014/10/hong-kong-will-history-be-re-written.html
7. New wave of Japanese investment expected in Vietnam 7/10/14 http://english.vov.vn/Economy/New-wave-of-Japanese-investment-expected-in-Vietnam/282198.vov
8. Namo's 'outside-in' masterstroke by Sriram Balasubramanian 6/10/14 http://www.rediff.com/news/column/namos-outside-in-masterstroke/20141006.htm
'All of the meetings reached out to a wide range of people across age groups. Be it attending a rock concert, be it speaking with business leaders, be it speaking at the United Nations General Assembly with government officials or walking in the streets of New York to reach out to his followers; the Narendra Modi show was planned to the T and has revolutionised not just Indian politics but also how global leaders address a global audience such as the one in the US.

At the heart of this strategy, has been an 'outside-in' approach that the Modi government has adopted. While the previous governments have used foreign policy as a rather monotonous government activity, Modi has brilliantly used it as a core agenda in his larger governance style.'

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