Saturday, April 16, 2011

European instigation of Christist terror in India

It is highly paradoxical to see European colonialists sermonising about the "neo-colonialism" of the State government of Chattisgarh, in its
dubious attempt to lionize and exonerate Binayak Sen, the chief ideologue and exponent of
Christian "liberation theology" in a "Maoist" Burka.

The Supreme Court's granting of bail to this seditious "human rights activist" was quite expected, given GOI's cognizance of the non-existent locus standi of European busy bodies in India's sovereign judicial process. The Indian judiciary, itself has been subverted - tempted to play to the gallery, namely foreign/ christist "observers".

This was evident in the Graham Stain case as well, where Dara Singh was unjustifiably awarded a harsh life imprisonment, coupled with gratuitous "civil society activism" that successfully amended portions of the judgement that were deemed critical to Christist aggression.

So, two prominent cases in recent times involving European/Christian "observers" and "civil society activism" that serve as a litmus test of the Indian state and judiciary's neutrality. The result in both cases - bail for Christist terror ideologue Binayak Sen & jail for
Hindu nationalist Dara Singh.
Draw your own conclusion.

This Limey journal "Lancet" is playing a prominent role in the disinformation campaign to subvert the Hindu nation. Earlier, it was the preposterous and unscientific claim about a mythological "SUPERBUG" originating in India and infecting the civilised Western world.

Now, there is this imagery of the corrupt Indian state, a Hindu nationalist state government to boot - framing and persecuting a
"human rights activist" and a "champion of the oppressed lower castes" - because he had dared to expose Hindu corruption.

This hate propaganda is setting the stage for a violent foreign, i.e. Christist colonial intervention in India, possibly in "civil society" camouflage to redeem the wretched, incorrigibly corrupt, uncivilized heathen Hindoos.

NEW DELHI: The latest edition of The Lancet has said civil liberties activist Binayak Sen's documentation of the brutality of a counter-insurgent militia supported by the State and strong links to mining corporations put him in direct opposition to the neo-colonial State, laying the ground for his persecution.

In a letter, written by Jonathan Kennedy and Lawrence King, it was pointed out that since 1981, Mr. Sen worked to improve public health in tribal areas and his activities encompassed social and political-economic issues. “In 2005, Mr. Sen documented the brutality of a counter-insurgent militia that was supported by the State and had strong links to mining corporations. This put him in direct opposition to the neo-colonial state, laying the ground for his persecution.''


Inferno said...

Sreelatha Menon: A campaign to free Bastar from Naxals?
Before the Naxals gained ground, the tribals still had a village which had a name, they had homes, they had festivals, songs, folk art. Now, they have nothing. Their villages are a battleground for the police and the Naxals.
The free Binayak Sen campaign that grew and bore fruit in the last five years did not find a parallel in a save the tribals and forests from the Naxals campaign.

karyakarta92 said...

The christist instigators of "Maoist" terrorism do not see the irony in their loud breast beating about alleged "brutality" of counter insurgent militias. First, why does a "counter-insurgent militia" exist? It came into existence in order to deal with "insurgency" as they so delicately and shamelessly put it. The "insurgency" is actually a christist instigated terror campaign intended to undermine the nation's sovereignty, emasculate the Indian state's apparatus, obstruct developmental activity - including basic infrastructure - fan the flames of disillusionment among economically disadvantaged, innocent Vanvasis (tribals) - a
grand strategy to keep India bogged down, bleed it, stunt its growth and simultaneously reap a bumper harvest of
Vanvasi souls. The "counter insurgency" operations are actually an existential war for the Indian nation. The release
of seditionist Binayak Sen on bail constitutes a huge setback in this effort,