Monday, April 12, 2010

sania mirza wedding circus: please help me understand

apr 12th, 2010

dear arvind,
there is more to this. it's a pure circus, and the idea of a man and a woman getting married like normal people is very far from what these people wanted.

1. the fellow married the ayesha woman on the phone sight unseen. presumably this was one of those 'temporary marriages' allowed to mohammedans where they take on a 'wife' for a few months (in other words, sanctioned prostitution under a figleaf)
2. he then decided he didn't like her. (because she was fat?)
3. he could presumably have divorced her by saying talaq etc. but he didn't. why?
4. there is rumor that she was impregnated by him. presumably this was also done over the phone. (quick, where are the godmen? immaculate conception! john dayal, sanal 'rationalist except when it comes to christist hoaxes' edamaraku, come quickly! bring justice uc banerjee, the 'spontaneous combustion' expert with the perfect name: "uc, i do all this on the orders of the dynasty".)
5. why on earth did he have to divorce her? he's allowed the customary four (just ask shabana azmi, second wife of that javed somebody)

in addition to the bullshit about mohammedan "marriages" -- it appears that anything is allowed so that some old arab or pakistani can get to have sex with some young woman, and that seems to be the definition of a marriage -- there is an interesting and sinister subtext.

which is, both these females are from hyderabad, which is a hotbed of fanatic mohammedanism. that they both chose this jerk shoaib -- who, when the paks defeated india in a match, thanked all mohammedans everywhere for supporting pakiland against india -- who is obviously a creep and a bigot and a fundie. just shows how alienated these hyderabadi mohammedans are from india. they think hyderabad is part of pakiland, or should be. 

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From: Arvind 

i read about the shoaib-sania story. seems like the paki married someone by signing a paper and faxing the document without ever having seen the person he was marrying. now that he wants to marry sania, his alleged wife objects to it. so the paki divorces his non-wife so that there would be no problems with his next marriage. now here is where i do not understand a few things. if that internet troll was not his wife, why did he have to divorce her?

an even more important point is that mohammedans are entitled to four wives. so what is the big deal about it? he could have had an imaginary first wife and sania as his second wife. is there a law against one of the four wives being imaginary in nature? and why did he divorce her by filing a document? he could have just sent a fax saying "talaq talaq talaq" and been done with it. or maybe just sent an email with those words. 

what am i getting wrong? please help!

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