Monday, April 26, 2010

Fwd: Trinetra April Issue

apr 26th, 2010

forwarding information about this journal. this is the first time i have seen it.

hope the lovely images come through when this is posted on blogger.

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From: Trinetra shiva

TriNetra -Where the glory & beauty of Hindu Dharma & heritage come alive.....

April 2010 Vaisakhi Edition

Trinetra wishes all its visitors & readers a Very Auspicious Vaisakhi 2010

Hinduism & the Environment

The Pagan element in Hinduism advocated Sustainable Development through living a simple way of life inclusive of a very simple diet, without causing any harm to one's natural environment which included the flora & fauna on Earth. Click on image to Read More..


Hindu Festivals - Vaisakhi 2010

Vaisakhi, April 13 - 15. The Hindu Solar New Year. Celebrated with bathing in holy waters, especially the Ganges. Click on image to Read More...

Bollywood = Hindu Culture?

Reena Mathur looks at Bollywood & its destructive influence on Hindu youngsters through movies and Bollywood dance schools.

Click on image to Read More..


Hindu History

Abhimanyu & The Kurukshetra War

We begin our section on Hindu history with Abhimanyu, a key personality and one of the greatest warriors mentioned in the epic Mahabharata. Click on image to Read More..

Hindu Temples Around The world..

This month we explore the famous landmark of Bangladesh - Dhakeshwari Mandir. Click on image to Read More..

Trinetra Blog April 2010

How will Hindus vote in UK elections next month?


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