Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Enough evidence against Teesta Setalvad- not Modi

apr 12th, 2010

in any normal country, teesta setalvad would be prosecuted for contempt of court, witness tampering and interfering in the conduct of a case. she would be jailed for a few years for subverting the judicial system. 

in india, she is a heroine. go figure. her star witness, zahira sheikh has testified that teesta prepared some printouts from a computer and thrust them under her nose and told her to sign them. this is a matter of public record. btw, zahira is illiterate. so what did the courts do? they fined *zahira*! yup, punish the victim, not the perpetrator.

why are hindus so clueless about using the due process of law? someone should file a PIL and others can support it with amicus curiae petitions pleading restraint based on section 153A and 295A, hurting the sentiments of a community and inducing communal hatred, as well as any other sections that pertain to witness tampering.

just like susan arundhati roy should be charged with advocating treason and stripped of indian citizenship. there is the famous short story "man without a country". 

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From: Manmath

Teesta Setalvad claimed on 11 March 2010 that- "There is enough evidence against Narendra Modi". Actually- there is enough evidence against Teesta Setalvad- not Modi. The website www.gujaratriots.com brings out the truth of the Gujarat riots- and defends Modi against all the charges made by Setalvad and other stark liers like Tehelka. Now we come to the part of- evidence against Teesta Setalvad.

A must read article on this is by Uday Mahurkar in India Today weekly "Inhuman rights":


"Soon after the riots, the human rights activists and the Muslim witnesses had alleged that a pregnant woman Kausarbanu's womb was ripped open by rioters and the foetus was flung out at the point of a sword. The gruesome incident was seen as the worst-possible example of medieval vandalism in the modern age.
The wait for justice for Gujarat's riot victims is still not over
Last week, eight years after the alleged incident, Dr J.S. Kanoria, who conducted the post-mortem on Kausarbanu's body on March 2, 2002, denied that any such incident had ever happened. Instead, he told the court: "After the post-mortem, I found that her foetus was intact and that she had died of burns suffered during the riot." Later Kanoria, 40, told INDIA TODAY, "I have told the court what I had already written in my post-mortem report eight years ago. The press should have checked the report before believing that her womb was ripped open. As far as I remember, I did her post-mortem at noon on March 2, 2002."

A careful study of the three police complaints, claiming that Kausarbanu's womb was ripped open by the rioters, shows several loopholes. While one complaint accuses Guddu Chara, one of the main accused in the Naroda Patiya case, of ripping open Kausarbanu's womb, extracting her foetus and flinging it with a sword; another complaint accuses Babu Bajrangi, yet another accused in the case, of doing the act. A third complaint, on the other hand, does not name the accused but describes the alleged act."

So- Teesta's guilt- subversion of truth. UTTERING STARK LIES-by claiming that the womb was ripped open- and the foetus was flung out at the point of a sword. Violation of 153-A of Indian Penal Code- by instigating Muslims- infuriating them needlessly. Violation of Section 500 of IPC (Defamation)- by needlessly blaming BJP and Narendra Modi for this-and defaming them saying- "Such medieval acts occured under Modi's rule". Also -tarnishing the fair name of India worldwide- by needlessly fabricating such lies worldwide.

Uday Mahurkar continues:
"Modi will also have reasons to smile at the affidavits filed by the Muslim witnesses in the SC in 2003 at the behest of Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) and Teesta Setalvad on the basis of which the trial in nine cases were stalled for six long years. The most glaring hole is in the affidavit of Nanumiya Malek, a key witness in the Naroda Gam case. In his affidavit before the SC filed on November 15, 2003, Malek stated that a newly married woman called Madina, who lost four of her relatives, including her husband in the riots, had been raped by the rioters.
Malek's affidavit states: "I was witness to the crimes of murder and rape that took place on Madina and her family. I also saw seven people being burnt alive, including four orphans. I request the SC to keep the details of this rape victim confidential since she is alive and use it only for the purpose of trial and conviction of the rapists." But on May 5, 2009, in his statement before the SIT, Malek said: "I had wrongly claimed that Madina had been raped. I made the charge because of Teesta Setalvad's pressure. I kept on telling her not to include that charge in my affidavit, yet it was included."

In her statement before the SIT on May 20, 2008, Madina, who has remarried now, said: "The charge made by Malek claiming that I was raped by a riotous mob is false. I wasn't raped. When the riotous mob put my house on fire, I tried to run but was attacked by a rioter who injured me with a knife. Later I managed to merge in a Muslim crowd."

This is direct evidence of fabrication done in this done. This is enough evidence to prosecute Teesta Setalvad in this case.

  Among other crimes- Setalvad writes in her article- "What ails Gujarat" published in CPM party weekly Peoples Democracy in July 2006- "There was a state sponsored genocide of Muslims in Gujarat in which 2500 Muslims were killed".

- This is also enough evidence to prosecute her. First- there was no genocide in Gujarat at all- Muslims were equally on the offensive even after Godhra. second- There was no -'state- sponsoring'- far from being a party to the violence- the state government managed to actually stop riots in 3 days- all evidences of this are given in www.gujaratriots.com She has beren challenged to prove this part- and she has not responded.
Third- 2500 Muslims were not killed- as per UPA figures 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed. For inflating the number of Muslims killed- and ignoring the number of Hindus killed- she can also be prosecuted. Again- instigating Muslims- violation of 153-A- and 500- by defaming the BJP and Gujarat Government through exaggeration and stark lies.

Another lie- she claims that over 120 people were killed in Naroda Patiya- and that too before the 7 year period expired. The fact is- even after the 7 year period expired- and all missing were declared dead- the number of people killed in Naroda Patiya is 95. Setalvad deliberately exaggerates the number of people killed- despite knowing fully well the true number- so as to malign the BJP and Narendra Modi. By that logic- if gives 2500 as the number of Muslims killed in the riots- 1700 more than the true number- then we can say- 1759 Hindus were killed by Muslims in Godhra- 1700 more than the true number of 59. If we do that- allegations will be made against us- for exaggerating and instigating Hindus- inflaming Hindu sentiments.

Thius is just the tip of the ice berg. Teesta's sins will be all out in public if we bring them out. LET US ALL WORK TOGETHER TO UNMASK TEESTA SETALVAD- and all other so-called Human Rights activists- apologists of Islam.

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Oldtimer said...

The atrocity stories invented by these activists serve only to whip up hate against Hindus and India in the terrorist training camps of Pakistan. Why aren't there any counter-activists who take these people legally to task?

sansk said...

The doctor who did the post mortem in the foetus story said, he did not change his story and has reported 8 years back that foetus was not NOT ripped apart.

This is a conclusive proof, if any required at all, that indian media WILLINGLY participated in the hate campaign to malign India, Hindus and Gujrat.

Ghost Writer said...

the gory imagination of these 'activists' is like some B-grade bolywod horror film.

this is what they would think people can stoop to? only because they themselves may one day stoop so low

Unknown said...

I had sent you that India Today link last week expecting you to publish it prominently. Good to see it published now, at least. Yes, why don't we file a PIL against Teesta?

M. Patil said...

Fact is media lied shamelessly. However we Hindus must make a documentary of the entire episode showing how badly media manufactured 'news'.

That would destroy media's credibility, and make people search for alternative news sources(internet).

Unknown said...

Rajeev, thanks for this blog. I think you are doing your part for the Hindus and India. Definitely more than me. Can you file a PIL? I am seriously contemplating doing it. The only reason, I might not do it is that I could be accused in my circles for cheap publicity. At this point I am a 'failed businessman' in my circles. I have had enough of this talk and blog etc.

Water Engineer said...

Why are Hindu orgs not taking up prosecution of Teesta? Simple. They are suicidal fools. They have been suicidal fools and have always sided with enemies, Ambhi with Alexander, Hindu kings of Kashmir against Shahis of Kabul fighting muslims, Jaichands. "Heroes" like Alah and Udal fought against Prithviraj.