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Letter to Dr. Michael Witzel from Sri Jay Battacharjee.

jul 25th, 2009

appropriate language for witzel.

glad someone else called farmer a sancho panza. i did this earlier in my 5-part series on witzel and farmer's lies (posted on this blog some years ago).

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Date: Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 10:53 PM
Subject: Letter to Dr. Michael Witzel from Sri Jay Battacharjee.

                                                                     M.A. (CANTAB), FCS
                                                       ADVISOR (CORPORATE LAWS & FINANCE)

Herr Professor (?) Michael Witzel
Harvard University
Cambridge (Mass)

Witzel :                                                                       22 July 2009

Sandhya Jain was kind  enough to forward to me her recent exchange of  messages (E-Mails)  with you.

Normally, I do not wade into debates and dialogues between third parties. However, your scurrilous and intemperate letter to SJ has prompted me to write to you, although I find it most distasteful to write to persons of your level and mental make-up.

Sandhya is quite capable of engaging in a debate with you, but what upsets me is the offensive and gutter language you have used. You have the chutzpah to cast aspersions on other scholars who do not share your warped, distorted, perverted and concocted vision of Indian history and culture.

The problem, my boy, is that you are a contemporary version of an
SS Schütze (broadly the equivalent of our Sepoy / Aircraftsman).

These chaps were the lowest echelons of that horrendous band of murderers and goons - their speciality was mass murder and mayhem. They are the ones who actually carried out the massacres and then pleaded "Ein Befehl ist ein Befehl"  ("A command  is a command") or some such piffle. I am sure your level and your intrinsic capabilities would not have enabled you to rise higher than this bottom-rung.. 

If you want to know more about  the principal contribution  of your fellow - Germans to world civilisation in the recent past, kindly read your Harvard colleague Daniel Goldhagen's seminal book "Hitler's Willing Executioners".  Professor Goldhagen has an infinitely better justification for being a Harvard professor than a crypto - Nazi like you. However, I will let that pass.

Why don't you crawl back underneath the woodwork from where you emerged and leave Indian civilisation and its roots to deserving scholars and researchers ?  While you are about to do your Stalingrad surrender act, why not take your desi henchmen and henchwomen with you ?  You are truly d
égoûtant - there is no English equivalent that conveys the distaste that civilised people feel for characters like you. 

I am dismayed that a university founded by an ex-Cambridge man should allow poseurs and frauds like you to flourish and spread your venom from its portals.  You have recently had your derri
ère whipped in the California text-book case - why don't you take some rest and lick your wounds ?  Only a complete yahoo like you will claim that the CAPEEM judgement was in your favour. This is because your basic English comprehension and grasp are poor  - a German translation for you, perhaps ? That can be arranged.

I would strongly recommend some serious introspection on your part. The same goes for your desi acolytes.  A propos Smt. (Kumari)  Thapar, I had asked Malcolm Bowie, Professor of French Literary History and the former Master of my college (Christ's)  in 2003, whether it was possible for a person who knew no Greek and Latin to become a Professor of Ancient European History in any normal educational system in Europe and North America.

You can guess what his answer was. He wanted to know the context - when he was given the details, he was sad. The man was a genuine Indophile, unlike some others.

Just spare us your garbage and vinegar - I can suggest many areas of research in Germanic history that will occupy you and your Sancho Panza, Steve Farmer, for years. ( A caveat - the clown may not know your native tongue, but that should not be a problem for you lot).

Jay Bhattacharjee

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