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Fwd: Will U.S Iran tension spill to our neighborhood+The age of blowback terror +Kerala-Kashmir-Kabul and the Islamic State+Sino Indian ties from a spiritual perspective

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1. Afghaistan subjected to Unholy Machinations of Pakistan-China-Russia Trilateral by dr subhash kapila 6.6.17
2. Kerala-Kashmir-Kabul and the Islamic State 6.6.17 by RSN Singh
The Base Movement, which has been carrying out revenge blasts, came into existence in January 2015 at Madurai in Tamil Nadu. This group is affiliated to the Al-Qaeda.
Coming back to 'Base Movement', this new terror group has carried out five blasts in different Court premises in southern part of India. These, as per the admission of its members were carried out in revenge against so-called victimization of Muslims in rest of India.
He famously said: "If Iran imbibes Indian culture, it will still remain Iran, but if Pakistan retains Indian traditions, it will over time become India." If Zia-ul-Haq could build an Arab narrative of Islam, why can't we do the opposite for the imperative of nation-building.
3. The age of blowback terror by Brahma C 7.6.17
'The UK has not just actively aided jihadists in Libya; it encouraged foreign fighters, including British Libyans, to get involved in the NATO-led operation that toppled Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi's regime in 2011.
Omar Saddiqui Mateen, who carried out last June's Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida – the deadliest single-day mass shooting in US history – also drew inspiration from his father, who fought with the US-backed mujahedeen forces that drove the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan in the 1980s.'
In Syria, the CIA is again supporting supposedly "moderate" jihadist rebel factions, many of which have links to groups like al-Qaeda. Russia, for its part, has been propping up its client, President Bashar al-Assad – and experiencing blowback of its own, exemplified by the 2015 downing of a Russian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula. Russia has also been seeking to use the Taliban to tie down the US militarily in Afghanistan.
Ultimately, Wahhabi fanaticism became the basis of modern Sunni Islamist terror, and Saudi Arabia itself is now threatened by its own creation.'
4a. Emmanuel Macron has made a brave start 8.6.17 by Kanwal Sibal
Macron is playing his cards well in a bid to secure a majority in the parliamentary elections on June 11 and June 18. His appointees to the new government are from across the political spectrum,'
5. China and Xinjiang 4.6.17 by maj gen vivek sehgal
5a. Sino Indian ties from a spiritual perspective OPED 8.6.17
ndians attach great importance to spiritual matters while Chinese are more concerned about material matters. Such different worldviews are the source and explanation of all differences between China and India as well as the misunderstandings the two peoples harbor toward each other. '
6. Pakistan – China's land of opportunity 7.6.17 by shazia hasan
7. The Belt and Road Forum – India hits the nail by Kanwal Sibal 7.6.17
8. Army commanders gets powers to go for the kill 7.6.17
Indian PM also warns of China-US rivalry creating a polarized world order
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