Friday, May 19, 2017

Quick notes: Jobless growth, Madras triple helix...

  • Big red blotch on the Modi govt: Employment growth at 8-year low, tough times ahead for the young 

  • More taxpayers: India added a country’s population worth of taxpayers after Modi’s crackdown on illegal wealth 

  • After H-1B, Strong Rupee The New Worry For Indian Tech Companies: Each 1 percent upward move in the rupee against the dollar will erode the margins of Indian IT exporters by 25-30 basis points

  • Foe turned friend:  India has opened talks with Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a long-time enemy of New Delhi and close ally of Pakistan, marking a dramatic break in its policy towards Kabul.

  • Madras triple helix: GNR came up with the very grammar of protein folding. To this day, researchers use the Ramachandran Plot to validate protein structures. Like the Raman Effect, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, or Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the Ramachandran Plot has rendered the scientist behind it immortal.

  • Cars As A Service (CaaS): The cost reduction for going to a service like Uber, which may provide subscription services -- a monthly fee for all you can ride -- should be massive. What that suggests is that the market for new cars should collapse in favor of Cars as a Service. Only the very rich will own cars, as a sign of status.

  • 'Supercomputer-as-a-Service': Rent a Cray in-the-Cloud

  • Against green mobility: Clubbing of hybrid vehicles along with luxury cars in GST rates is a regressive step

  • Sadguru shuts up Journalist:

  • Waiting for rakshaks: cows in India are choking on plastic

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