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Fwd: Water pincer against India+The Agni-II Trial Failure+ Furthering India-Japan Defence Cooperation

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1. German Analyst Siegfried Wolf gives his assessment on China's OBOR scheme, and why the EU has misgivings about it:
2. Water pincer against India by Brahma C 16.5.17
The Bunji and Bhasha dams, which will largely benefit the dominant Punjab province, located downstream, are set to enlarge China's strategic footprint in the restive, Shia-majority Gilgit-Baltistan.
The Bhasha Dam alone will flood 200 square kilometers of Gilgit-Baltistan, displacing at least 28,000 residents and submerging some significant archaeological sites.
The IWT is binational but China has emerged as the third party through its Gilgit dam activities and upstream control of two of the six Indus-system rivers.'
2a. Skipping OBOR Summit would reflect 'India First' Policy 16.5.17 maj gen sb asthana
3. India needs to think beyond rift with China 16.5.17 OPED
Rising nationalism has made Indian public opinion extremely sensitive on China-related issues. Indians are keen to compare themselves with China on development and international status, but meanwhile strongly object to China developing friendly cooperation with Pakistan, for fear that Sino-Pakistani ties are targeting India.'
4. India should rethink its position on B&R initiative, find solutions: experts 16.5.17
5. Where Chinese media get India wrong by sanjeev nayyar May 2017
6. Furthering India-Japan Defence Cooperation: Arun Jaitley indicates a new approach 15.5.17 by amit cowshish
7. The Agni-II Trial Failure: Evaluation rather than Flagellation is needed 15.5.17 by sanjay badri maharaj 
'On May 4, 2017, India's Strategic Forces Command (SFC) conducted an unsuccessful user trial of the Agni-II Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM). This failure marks the third unsuccessful test – either development flight or user trial – of the missile and comes after a series of five consecutive successful user trials.'
8. The Law keeper and the soldier by noel ellis 4.5.17
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