Sunday, May 28, 2017

Merkel: US & Britain No Longer Reliable

Trump's blunt speech to the NATO alliance membership has provoked a response from Germany's Angela Merkel, who made a speech warning that the US and Britain can no longer be seen as reliable partners:

Atlanticists everywhere are now panicking and lashing out against the sudden new spiraling trans-Atlantic tensions, which some see as a threat to the foundation of Western unity.

It's doubtful that Germany could expect overwhelming success in charting a separate path for Europe that would take it away from the USA, while also rallying all of Europe to follow. Given that France is a vital partner for Germany in Europe, without which nothing could be accomplished, and given that LePen was a serious contender to win the French elections and is expected to only grow in strength in the future, then Germany may find itself in a precarious position.

Expect Atlanticists to be pulling out all stops to get rid of the spoiler Trump.

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