Friday, May 26, 2017

Fwd: The controversy on KANYADAANA

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From: Bharat Gupt Please read and respond
Many things like this have to be taken up.
It is disgusting that some senior BJP leadership has fallen victim to this
Marxist deconstruction of the serious concept of Daana.
There is a section in the BJP which is ready to reform and re-edit
even the Manusmriti. They want to bring out a modern expunged edition
of dharmashastras, and this, seeing the absence of professional 
scholars in the ranks of BJP,  will result in towing the Marxist discourse
internalised by some modern right wing reformists.
These reformists are not even the NRI anglophones but desi bhaashaawaalaas.
They do not know how they are being made into useful idiots
by Marxist discourse.
Let us not allow pseudo reformists do cause great harm.
A major political family in Nagpur from the BJP has prided in performing vivaah without kanyadaan. This sort of bravado shows a complete ignorance of tradition…
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